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I have to admit the first time a ever looked, and I mean really looked at the opposite sex and thought she,s BEAUTIFUL was in 1981(at this point can I just say the second time was looking at my wife) i was  trawling through some new record releases when I stumbled across a face that made me think, NOW THAT?S BEAUTY the singer I was looking at was none other than the talented PHYLLIS HYMAN the album CAN WE FALL IN LOVE GAIN. Right away I asked the shop owner to play some of the tracks and to my shock horror they were so good, how did I not here about this women and music before  I asked myself. Wanting to educate my ears a little more the owner grabbed more albums hoping for me to either buy more or become a fan as he seemed to be one himself. Well both happened I fell for the talent and the magic that she was. PHYLLIS HYMAN was born JULY 6TH 1949 her mother was Italian American and father African American. It was working for JON LUCIEN that PHYLLIS came to the attention of NORMAN CONNORS she would then become a featured artist on his album You Are My Starship (1976) a year later should release her first solo album on the now famous Buddha records entitled PHYLLIS HYMAN (1977) when ARISTA bought Buddha she would release the album SOMEWHERE IN MY LIFE TIME (1979) with the title song listed amongst my top all time 20 songs. This would be followed up by the YOU KNOW HOW TO LOVE ME album 1979 and we all know how that song went on to become an anthem for the lady , she would follow this up with CAN WE FALL IN LOVE AGAIN album 1981 and that?s where I came in. Also by this time she was becoming a huge  hit in the show SOPHISTICATED LADIES to which she won a Tony Award. A fallout after the GODDESS OF LOVE album with her label led to gap in her career before returning with the stunning LIVIN ALL ALONE (1986) to which brit funk outfit LOOSE ENDS wrote one of the songs AINT YOU HAD ENOUGH LOVE. This album seemed to give an insight into some of her fears and problems if we hadn?t already noticed through some of her work. She seemed to crave what we all crave to be wanted and loved, she suffered from bipolar, depression and alcoholism and on top of this the sudden loss of her dear friend LINDA CREED and losing her mother and grandmother in 1993 within a month of each other seemed to send her to a new low. She also battled with a weight problem and for someone in the industry she was in MALE DOMINATED this was not going to be easy. PHYLLIS HYMAN was a huge talent and deserved more recognition, this was something that women of her status may have found hard to take there was a lot of hot young new talent arriving on the scene and she was getting older and this cycle was hard for a strong women like she was to cope with. In 1991 she was voted by BLUES & SOUL listeners, the Number one artist at the time. Such was the affection we here had for this lady. In truth she had a voice that was her`s alone a look that as she got older remained her`s the countless wonderful songs all she needed was the recognition she truly deserved .Sadly when you are ahead of the curve then talent like this gets missed until it?s too late, what a shame .I n June 30th 1995 PHYLLIS HYMAN took her life reading about this at the time shocked and saddened me for a time that someone could feel so alone so neglected and so lost and in pain they would take their own life. The note she left read

"I'm tired. I'm tired. Those of you that I love know who you are. May God bless you."

To PHYLLIS HYMAN we say thank you for the music and the beauty that taught us to love all sorts of music. BY CW alrights reserved
















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There has to be a biopic  somewhere in here about this women in an age where there is an appetite for these movies a story of her life on the big screen ,would be something to see .Trouble is who do you get to play this women  her voice was so unique  that only TONI BRAXTON ANITA BAKER FIT THAT VOCALLY her beauty was so stunning its hard to say who could do this women proud .Yet a story about her would be and interesting one that would re awaken her lost talents to the young and older ones who remember her so.  





click HERE for another great website about her, also HERE FOR HER MYSPACE TRIBUTE


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