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Back in the 90s (1992) my ears were blasted with the

smooth silky yet funky new jack sounds of PORTRAIT i still

remember traveling (yes we had to do this even then but we

loved it) 12 miles to buy the album of which i playedto death

(entitled portrait)

HERE WE GO AGAIN was the absoulute killer tune.

From LA  in the USA  Michael Angelo 

Saulsberry, Irving Washington III, Eric Kirkland and

Philip Johnson

Delievered this newly married man some unforgetable tunes.

skip forward and they are back so HERE WE GO AGAIN

with a new song   IN THE MOMENT and very please to say i

truly love this song. This is a great blend in melody groove

and vocal abillity with a dare i say this but ROMATIC FEEL

TO IT (AHHHH) so good i have to play this agaian and again

and agaian welcome back gentlemen.