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Rachel Walker s new album WALK WITH ME demonstrates that despite complaints that there are no more good soul music artist out there today ,That this simple is not the case and no longer do we have to look to the big record companies to supply us with the quality acts (like they would know what that is all the time) RACHEL WALKER is part of the growing army of acts who seem to be taking charge of there music in every way not just the writing ,but also producing and engineering of there sound and also the branding of the sound and style of what they do. This came my way via an accident I was ask to look at another artist an by accident dropped on her site .After listening I hit the buy button to get my copy .I must say right from the off the lady has a stunning vocal talent and sings all the music here so effortlessly it’s a joy to hear. The song FREE is my killer song I just love it so much although I whished she would have added the extra minute or so to it . MY LIFE is an up tempo bouncing track that sets your feet pumping and has very positive vibe to it .Other songs to take note of are BEAUTIFUL MEMORY,WALK WITH ME, and the lovely ANOTHER STORY.RACHELW ALKER should be taken note of as I do believe this is a strong set by a very promising lady check her out. Good soul music is till around we just have to look sure there are no more ARETHAS and alike  and there wont be but RACHEL WALKER isnts a bad start.Well done here RACHEL.

for rachel walker myspace click here


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