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Rachel Hannah Weisz (BORN 7TH MARCH 1970) is one of the UK`S missing   gems  whilst we may see a lot of the younger starlet’s in the papers along with people who lives I’m not quite sure  why anyone wants to follow . Rachel Weisz has remained ultra talented and mega beautiful she bring charm charisma and raw emotion to any character she portrays. You would be sadly mistaken if you thought of this actress as a fly by night, no!! She’s been at it for some time starting back in 1995 in the film DEATH MACHINE and then slowly building up to landing one of the roles she`s so well 


noted for Evelyn Evie Carnahan in the hit movie THE MUMMY in 1999 since then she has grace the screens in films such as ABOUT THE BOY, THE BROTHERS BLOOM, RUNNAWAY JURY and a movie I so enjoyed THE LOVELY BONES like a chameleon she seems able to adapt well to any role she plays  and makes it look way to easy than you imagine it should be .She’s  always seems to offer something different to a role  that along with the plot offers a unique way of seeing things

"You know what, I have faith in people. I think people want to see something new and different. They don't want to see anything that they've seen before. They don't want to have it worked out in the first 10 minutes how it will end. I think people are really smart and sophisticated."

Yet I can’t help but wonder why we don’t see more of this  gifted lady on the screen ,well  look out for her in the movie DREAM HOUSE  alongside hubby DANIEL CRAIG (Another mega talented actor) Theirs THE DEEP BLUE SEA of which she appears alongside TOM HIDDLETON (of LOKI / AVENGERS MOVIE fame) oh! and the film Oz THE GREAT AND POWERFUL directed by SAM RAIMI of SPIDER MAN fame she will appear alongside MILA KUNIS and JAMES FRANCO (of RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES/SPIDER MAN  fame)  She’s an Actress I don’t know a lot of apart from what I see on the screen and you know what , I don’t want to all I want to know if there a movie and her names comes up it`s a good chance it’s going to be good even if it`s because Rachel will bring her all into the role that she will play and that’s good enough  for me .


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