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Rahsaan Patterson is what

is fair to say in my humble opinion one of the soul music worlds best raw talent there is today out there ,yes there are others but with each album this man has simply made great strives in bringing fresh music to us some of it may not be everyone’s cup of tea but Rahsaan Patterson sure knows how to lay down a good tune. Born January 11 1974 he started out in acting on TV show entitled KIDS INCORPORATED after this he moved on to singing back for MARTIKA (Remember her) as well as writing hit songs for the likes of BRANDY and TEVIN CAMPBELL .So it was only a matter of time that he himself would release his own material and his he did in 1997 with a stunning self entitled set that critics liked and myself, yet didn’t do that well It would be 2years later after parting with his label MCA RECORDS that he would release LOVE IN STEREO again he received good reviews yet this was largely not noticed yet is the world f soul music this dude was rapidly becoming a favourite of many a DJ. With songs like TREAT YOU LIKE A QUEEN & THE MOMENT. In 2004 AFTER HOURS was released and at the time I felt this would be his best to date . Aprils Kiss being one of my favourites from the set ,by now he had formed his own label Artistry Music label so those creative juices could flow more freely. In 2007 Rahsaan Patterson released WINE &SPIRITS an album I feel to be his best to date it challenges you on many levels and not just musically This is what we can only expect from a man of Rahsaan talents he’s quoted as saying

"As I get older and look back at my accomplishments, I'm quite surprised and amused with what I have achieved and things I've done," Patterson laughs. Not one to create music for strictly commercial considerations, the artist has been able to keep the integrity of his artistry intact. "My music is always layered, it's always personal and spiritual and it's always my relationship with my listener," he says. "You listening to my album is my conversation with you."

Soul music in general would be, and is benefited by having artist of his character around as they challenge the norm and yet don’t conform to the watered down versions we see a lot in the main stream and whilst they may have some sort of place, there is only so much dilution you can add until the original essence is completely lost and just becomes the water.

"In my previous albums I've always presented diversity -- don't put me in a box, don't expect me to do this one thing, don't expect me to sing one way, but I knew I had to do it in doses," Patterson says. "This album comes at a time where I think a lot of what we've had to live through as a society has really brought us together, like I'm human, you're human."

I cant wait to see what this man can come with next .

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It`s about time we had somthing form this soul pioneeer genius that  is RAHSAAN PATTERSON and hre it is a wonderful belnd of 80`s and todays feel doing it in away that manay artist of long since forgotten lets get out there and buy this single and the album ,artist liek this should be well and truly supported  take a listen to the the song,i am anticipating a wonderful treat when the album Bleuphoria drops  soon .If you needed schooling in the ways of good music consider this a lesson.Also to those who are attempting to provide us with so called soul music consider this musical outing as a spanking to wake up. Sooo good





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