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My two daughters grew knowing Raven-Symoné Christina Pearman (born December 10, 1985), From the show by the same name ,yet for me it has been a delight to see her progress from the COSBY SHOW of the 80`s hat I loved to the women she has become .In truth she’s been a women for sometime and for those who couldn’t tell ,hmmm what can say ,well lets just say not of this world you are. In some ways the media and the studios have played a role in the slight misconception of RAVEN SYMONE you see whilst we were happy almost ecstatic to see HANNAH MONTA grow up we almost wanted to keep RAVEN as that little child from the cosby show. In truth I was one of them , yet each time I was made to sit and watch one her shows and as entertaining as they are I kept asking when will they allow her to do something more adult .When I say that I don’t me throw off all her cloths as if that is that meant by growing up .What I was alluding to was get her teeth into more meatier roles, as I sense this lady has what it takes to make that jump. Sure she is funny witty and so beautiful that it would be a shame to not allow her a shot. She has proved many times she has what it takes appearing in many successful films CHEETAH GIRLS ,REVENGE OF THE BRIDES MAIDS and alongside Eddy Murphy in DR DOLITTLE. She also has released albums that have been very successful yet for some reason we seem dead set at not allowing this fine young and very talented lady to grow up and be the women she wants to be in sound as well as on film. Recently I saw a picture of RAVEN and how she had lost weight if I know Raven and I don’t I would guess this was something SHE! decided to do on her own and not because she had been forced into it  ,hey the lady has always been beautiful and so fine, that I guess even when this is done  we all assume this was calculated or “ HEY LOOK ITS THE LITTLE GIRL FROM THE COSBY SHOW AND SHES HAS GROWN UP” PLEASE!!! she was always been grown she’s 25years of age, how much grown up do we want her to be .Oh sorry, she needs to do a spread in some lads magazine and then she grown ? Hmmmm . For me RAVEN SYMONE has more than earned her stripes and I would like o see her in a full featured film on her own that challenges her in more ways than one (oh and she still gets to keep her cloths on ) THE  NEW TALENT APPEARS TO BE (GET THIS ) LOSING WEIGHT !!!! you dont need to have a talent just lose weight then they talk more about your look than your actual talent (ask Jennifer hudson) not that i`m against looking and feeling good i`m not its juSt that we live in a world of extremes  so we do put more importance on stuff we maybe should not .So if a person actually has a talent we seem to have a big problem recognising this because we cant get passed the look.RAVEN has always been beautiful if your only just noticing that (well hmmmm) but more important shes always been VERY TALENTED .Catch her in her new show STATE OF GEORGIA.








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