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Appearing in movies such as BOYZ N THE HOOD,LEGALLY BLOND 2 ,ENEMY OF THE STATE, BOONDOCKS and can be seen in the TV series SOUTHLAND (of which I have only caught bits of when visiting the states) as Detective Lydia Adams. REGINA KING( Born January 15, 1971)

is a hollywood actress that in my opinion is underrated yet has quality written all over her. She seems to appear everywhere in so many different roles yet I wonder when the world especially across the pond in Europe will we begin to notice this most talented starlette, she brings a certain charismatic toughness yet has a smooth and fluid charm  to every performance that she takes on. Something tells me that this lady is just hitting her stride and if the truth be told this should have happened already but I don’t like to dwell on negatives (once in the mud always in the mud) REGINA KING is one of those people who appears to never let things hold her back no matter the problem she studied  acting under the guidence of one BETTY A BRIDGES mother of TODD BRIDGES andcheck this she went to the same school as acress NIA LONG director TIM STORY and singer KARYN WHITE not at the same trime though. Yet see anyone of her performances as a wife in the WILL SMITH`S movie ENEMY OF THE STATE she appears vulnerable yet tough on her husband when she believes he’s having an affair, she made that role believable. In the movie MISS CONGENIALLITY 2 she again come s in as a tough side kick starring opposite SANDRA BULLOCK once again the role calls for a believable character and she pulls it off making you accept she would kick anyone’s ass.The next step I guess is to see her in a more leading role, yet she would agree finding that role is not easy and with her talents she needs a role I believe that would bring them all out. For now I guess SOUTHLAND will do, and I hope this brings REGINA KING more admires of her work and obvious beauty. You can also catch her in the latest video by JAHEIM FINDING MY WAY BACK. Also she can be seen in the hit movie OUR FAMILY WEDDING. This is one actress who’s work and quality is deserved and well earned if you’re a young actress you can do no harm if you follow this ladies lead in my very humble opinion that is.

By CW devendo 1981music movies .com alrights

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