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 For many Robert Downey Jr (born April 4, 1965) is the star of IRON MAN and SHERLOCK HOLMS but as I sit here penning this I am reminded by two friends of how I predicted this man would one day be the star he is today. To be honest there was no prediction one simply had to look at the films he had already appeared to know that as long as he had the desire to do so he would. Thinking back the whole debated started about the mans private problems and since I am not a big fan of talking about other people private lives, I was a little annoyed (but my friends quote me as being angry so lets go with how they put it I can handle that) You see as long as a person is good at what they do I simple am not that bothered or interested in what’s going on elsewhere. I had seen the movie CHAPLIN and was simple left spellbound by the performance for me it said volumes about his dedication to his craft yet at the same time he appeared never to take himself seriously. He had already appeared in films prior to this namely LESS THAN ZERO, AIR AMERICA alongside MEL GIBSON another big star. He appeared  in the hit TV show ALLY McBEAL  again here he shun in that role, it was clear if no one else had spotted that we had a versatile and chameleon like actor able to take on quite literally any role put before him and make you believe he was the character. In 2003 he appeared in a role I new not only was he born to do but I doubt that anyone else would have pulled it off as supremely as he did the movie was IRON MAN. At this point I need to refer to my friend as he sits next to me watching me struggle as I pen all this down. You see he would like to express humbly how wrong he was about this actor he wasn’t finished or washed up he was just getting his second wind(LOL!)(Somebody call the police he’s attacking me lol!) After all true quality will always find ways to rise to the top. If you doubted this mans ability then watching him in the hit movie TROPICL THUNDER was a treat this was dude playing a dude disguised as a dude .You see he was playing a black African American action army dude in a movie within the movie, and although some got upset about this I (as a Blackman) was full of praise for the man and the script it totally showed just how good the man is when it comes to his craft.

Downey acknowledged the potential controversy over his role: "At the end of the day, it's always about how well you commit to the character. If I didn't feel it was morally sound, or that it would be easily misinterpreted that, I would've stayed home.” Jackson stated: "When I first read the script, I was like: What? Blackface? But when I saw him [act] he, like, became a black man ... It was just good acting. It was weird on the set because he would keep going with the character. He's a method actor.” Stiller commented on Downey's portrayal of a white actor playing a black man: "When people see the movie in the context of the film, he's playing a method actor who's gone to great lengths to play a black guy. I suppose the only thing I found was offensive was the language you couldn’t watch this with your kids I suppose. Robert Downey jr will be around for sometime an artist of this type cant be hidden, If had one word of advice that would be give the music thing one more try the album you released THE FUTURIST was a great effort and deserved more.

Other movies to catch him in recently SOLOIST, DUE DATE, AVENGERS and IRON MAN 3

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