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Robin thicke is an artist that has really got my attention this year in fact his last outing THE EVOLUTION OF ROBIN THICKE was a great effort that deserved more than what it got sadly to me it appeared that many just see him as a another JUSITIN TIMBERLAKE /GEORGE MICHEAL and yet if you have been listening to his new album SOMETHING ELSE you quickly realise that it is just that .I f you where born in the 80,s NO OFFENSE but you might not appreciate the 70,s soul music as those who actually lived through it robins music seems to channel that vibe yet a the same time grab from other eras whilst robin himself fuses it with his own brand of soul/music. I guess what I’m saying there sure is a whole lot soul coming from this dude in this latest set. LOVE AFTER WAR came out in december 2O12 i dont here a lot of air play here in the UK right now which is largley disappointing as this is ROBINS best set to date and he should be given more credit

 "I'm never happy with what I'm doing, and I can't wait to get to the next one so I can do even better — even though some people say this is my best," he added. "That's the job of an artist — to leave the past behind and bear down onto the future to try to make something even better."  

So get out a buy this new set you cant help but like it ,if there is any comparison between this guy and Mr Timberlake then robin represents a more refined soulful version of the pop/Techno R&B music Justin Timberlake does (NOT THAT I,M KNOCKING )this my ears likes and can warm to so will you.






robin thick webpage click HERE 

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