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From time to time every young man goes through that point of showing off, wanting attention one of mine was to publicly play the music I loved,as a sort of look what I’ve got and you haven’t discovered yet ,sort of thing. One of my earliest moments of this craziness was in Birmingham city centre my cousin and i had just left  the bus from Walsall my home town and arrived in the city centre when he pressed the play buttonon his master blaster (as we called it  back then) and out of it belted a song by RONNIE  LAWS entitled HEAVY ON EASY, man just typing this gives me goose bumps. It was taken from the album SOLID GROUND (released 1981) and if you know anything about Ronnie laws then you know that song was a killer song that year. Ronnie laws was a saxophist and flautist born October 3rd 1950 in the

early 70,s was a member of the group EARTH WIND & FIRE, In 1976 after leaving th


e band he embarked on a solo career and released the album pressure sensitive on the said album was the song ALWAYS THERE which was a very popular song and many of artist have covered it over the years. 1976 came around and during that very hot year RONNIE LAWS released FEVER on the blue note la bel as was his first release. Staying consistent he released the album FRIENDSHIPS &STRANGERS in 1978 he would follow the success of that album with the album FLAME UNDER UNITED ARTIST, switching to LIBERTY RECORDS he released the album EVERY GENERATION and on this set he began to use vocals on some of the tracks as he would on the next album which was SOLID GROUND one of my favourites of Ronnie laws. He has continued to work and like the album covers he displayed in the 70,s has continued to pioneer in the soulful jazz and blues style he is so good at. Ronnie has worked with the likes of RAMSEY LEWIS, HOWARD HEWITT, JEFF LORBER SISTER SLEGE and more. He is brother to HUBERT LAWS & sisters ELOISE & DEBRA LAWS who he has also worked .You here that sound as much anymore with artist daring to be different musically  yet still maintaining a great jazz soulful vibe ,but I guess it has to move on. Every now and then I like to put on the album and just go back to the summer of 1981 with my master blaster and give the masses what I knew they needed, or so I thought.By CW alrights












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