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Rosamund pike


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247086_TV episodes & movies instantly streaming from Netflix. Start your FREE trial!




I have a feeling we are about to start seeing a lot of British actress ROSAMUND PIKE (Born 29th January 1979) she has already featured in the film THE BIG YEAR of which I loved by the way and has appeared in JOHNNY ENGLISH REBORN, WOMEN IN LOVE (BBC TV SERIES) and is set to appear in WRATH OF THE TITANS alongside SAM WORTHINGTON as he reprises his role as Perseus in the follow up to CLASH OF THE TITANS. It was rumoured  she was to play EMMA FROST in X-MEN FIRST CLASS  but that part went to JANUARY JONES (a mistake as I believe ROSAMAND PIKE would have been a much better choice) having said that I believe Rosamund Pike will be proving that she is a force to be reckoned with. It doesn’t appear to have been an easy road although she has managed to appear on TV/THEATRE as well as the big screen. Even lending her voice to voice over’s (kiss my neck is there nothing she cannot do) It wasn’t that long ago she starred opposite HALLE BERRY and PIERCE BROSNAN in DIE ANOTHER DAY one of the best bond movies she appeared alongside top actors JOHNNY DEPP in LIBERTINE for which she won the British independent film award for. There is a lot more there than meets the eye when it comes to her acting skills. One could quite clearly see that when watching her act in PRIDE AND PREDJUDICE there seems to be certain honesty in every movement she makes every thing appears to be unforced yet so deliberate. I do believe we have only just begun to see the start of something quite unique in the lady. On actress to keep a side eye on I believe.2013 will see her appear opposite TOM CRUISE in the film ONE SHOT an adaption of a 2005 novel by lee Child, of the same name. All in all I say ROSAMUND PIKE is set to be much talked about. By CW

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247086_TV episodes & movies instantly streaming from Netflix. Start your FREE trial!







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