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She has a voice of an angel,her husband spits the smooth lyrics of a poet and a young song who has become an internet sensation along with his father all in all you could say what more could want and I would agree .Still Roucheon Iloyi and husband (SMOOTH FLOW) work as a great team building their own little empire FEROmedia, from which they can spread the music of love(soul music as its base) and positive vibes throughout the world as THE ROYAL PREIST HOOD. Now she has stepped out with a new song and video of which frankly I believe to be simply wonderful I hope this song catches on soon as well as the vibe these two are spreading they definitely have what takes to turn this into a global soul music movement in a way that SOUL II SOUL did back in the day. She is no overnight hit they both have been working the grind for some time now and have carefully crafted out a reputation within the industry working with the likes of Brian Harvey (EX EAST 17) Randy and J Rock from Big Brova. They have been slowly establishing themselves over a ten year period winning awards growing organically whilst getting the respect .Recently there son was featured on the ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW showcasing his rapping skills if you haven’t seen him please do he is a nurtured star in the making. Soul music has moved in a positive yet smooth flowing direction thanks to these. Check out ROUCHEON new single entitled NEVER GONE.

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from her forthcoming album to be released this year


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Son spitting lyrics with daddy (smoothflow) 






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