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Anthony Ryan Leslie (born September 25, 1978, in Washington, D.C0a very interesting brotha, the man knows how to play the game and he does it well in all areas. Such is the market today for any artist it not enough to sing well anymore but to be able to present yourself in a way that is unique and stand out so that people know it’s you .At times musically I do admit to these ever grooving older ears I don’t feel him but most of the times RYAN LESLIE has  his finger on the pulse .Musically he has a great take on soul/rnb witch in many ways  harks back to the great days of soul music with great bass lines hip chords and great  vocals .Through  his you tube site RYAN LESLIE  allows us to see a part of his creative process that leaves you spell bound. Working with man must be amazing.  His story is one of true dedication and belief  witch moved this man to go out there and do ,after all this is  guy who graduated from Harvard . His break came working an internship with producer YOUNGLORD which lead to the song KEEP GIVING YOUR LOVE TO ME song by none other but BEYONCE and a meeting with SEAN P DIDDY  COMBS who offered RYAN a MANAGEMENT contract. Working on many projects with artist such as DAINTY KANE and even BRITNEY SPEARS .His talents would lead to a meeting with TOMMY MOTTOLA ,this  then lead to a recording and publishing contract and a album ,that sadly it never got released hmmm I wonder if  it’s out there. In 2007 RYAN LESLIE released DIAMAND GIRL and rest is history other great songs include ADDICTION and HOW IT WAS SUPPOSE TO BE .What I like about this man is how he blends the old and the new to make something completely new, you think you’ve heard it but then you haven’t because it’s all his, and of his own making. Since all this RYAN LESLIE has set himself up as he should be an independent entrepreneur who`s moving and shaking it. He gets out there both literally and electronically and has his finger on the pulse in both making him a very influential person. Musically his influence`s include D`Angelo, James brown, The Beatles, Stevie wonder, Michael Jackson and PRINCE amongst others .This shows the depth and the width of the man music ally. RYAN LESLIE has much yet to give the world d when it comes to his music ,people  like him not for bearing his chest  and the amount of tattoos he has but for his craft  and long may this be .KEEP BRINGING BACK THE MUSIC  RYAN . RAYN LESLIE has gone on to form his own company


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