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 When I first saw SAMUEL LEROY JACKSON (born December 21st 1948) he was doing a freaky kind of dance for his mother in the film JUNGLE FEVER a role that caught my attention I had gotten married this year and this was the first movie as a newlyweded couple we had gone to see. SAMUEL would take on very small roles whilst all the time building his reputation as a standout actor that could lead any movie out there. I can remember watching EDDIE MURPHYS COMING TO AMERICA and when SAMUEL JACKSON entered the restaurant to rob it I instantly recognized him those intense eyes and voice, the charisma as showed what a bad dude he could be if you messed with him. Other small roles included films such as JUICE, PATRIOT GAMES, SCHOOL DAZE, DO THE RIGHT THING, and GOOD FELLAS .At all this whilst also appearing on TV shows such as the mega hit COSBY SHOW. In 1995 he appeared   opposite BRUCE WILLIS in DIE HARD WITH A VENGENCE in 1996 jackson  starred opposite the  then rising star MATHEW McCONAUGHEY in the JOHN GRISHAM film A TIME TO KILL for which he was nominated a golden globe award. Since these early days he has appeared in over 100 movies PUL P FICTION and UNBREAKABLE for which he reteamed up with BRUCE WILLIS to be one of his most memorable roles. He is a chameleon when it comes to acting able to slide into any role yet give it the SAMUEL L JACKSON treatment that we all just love. Like any person he has had is share of ups and downs both on screen and off yet he has managed to battle against these a continue on in life. These days he is able to carry any movie as a leading man or as a support and seems to be at ease in both recently he could seen in IRON MAN and THE INCREDIBLE HULK as NICK FURY a small time role that is set to get even bigger .When he appears on screen he holds you at

tention you’re not thinking that s SAMUEL L JACKSON because he manages slip so smoothly into the role he’s whoever he is on screen. Charismatic is what best describes this man. Such is the case that he has lent his voice to some very successful animation films over the years.


  Hollywood people tend to think that because one is successful in one aspect of entertainment they can bring them into this particular world and make a success out of them. They ask people like me to be in a film with those people that they are kind of headlining and your name ends up behind them. If you do that, it sanctions the fact that these people come into this world and you think they are worthy of you sharing your time on screen with them. I don't particularly think that. A month or so ago, someone called me about the 50 Cent movie and I'm like, 'What are you calling me for?'. I don't even need to read that because that's not something I want to do. I like listening to 50 Cent and I can groove to his music but I don't want to groove to him on screen, just yet. Maybe if he does five movies and he shows some talent. I mean how does he get to work with Jim Sheridan and I don't. What is it about 50 Cent that makes Jim Sheridan say, 'I'd really like to make a movie with him.'?

SAMUEL L JACKOSN is actor that long after he is gone we will always talk about his catalogue of films already are a testament to the man’s charming character,hes a man that you could invite to your home and and be totally calm about it as I have a strong feeling he would be also. SAMUEL L JACKSON comes from an era when many ethnic minorities new they could not just be satisfied with being JUST AS GOOD they had to be better TEN TIMES better WORK TEN TIMES HARDER  an ethic  that I know was drilled into me at a young age. This explains a lot about his success he took a disadvantage and uses it as strength rather than constantly refer to it a weakness, in doing so found strength to help overcome many of the obstacles that appeared to block him. Look out for him to appear in IRON MAN 2, THE OTHER GUYS in 2010 RUNNING WILD, THOR, CAPTAIN AMERICA 2011, and VENGANCE A LOVE STORY 2009 .


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