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In the early 1990,s Dance music was all the rage coming off the back of the house dance thing of the late 1980,s the main song that got my toes tapping was a song by ADAMSKI entitled KILLER the lead vocalist was one SEAL HENRY( born 19 February 1963) and it was his sublime performance that lead to that song becoming a number one hit on the national charts here in the uk.Seal would go on to record a solo album that would reach critical and chart success with everyone saying the man could do no wrong he was a god to many .Then just as the success built to a crescendo the British media show started to pick on the way he looked among other things.Fortunatley KISS FROM A ROSE was a smash hit for the man in the USA(A SONG FEATURE IN THE BATMAN MOVIE) and our brothers across the way took him to their hearts. Born Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adelo Samuel to a Nigerian father and Brazilian mother grew up here in the UK in Paddington London. After singing with brit funk outfit PUSH in the 1980,s he met ADAMSKI who was impressed with SEAL ,the union would spawn the classic dance hit killer in 1990.He would sign to TREVOR HORN (FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD, YES, ART OF NOISE & BUGGLES FAME) ZTT RECORDS. SEAL his new album was a huge hit CRAZY being the killer track within IT WASN’T JUST THE MUSIC BUT THE POSITIVE UPBUILDING LYRICS THAT SET HIM APART. Things seemed to be looking up KISSS FROM ROSE as said before was a massive hit both here and across the pond but after this it seem we forgot just how great this man is and others didn’t .He has kept busy releasing new material yet most of it unheard of here my hope is that the latest single A CHANGE IS GONNA COME (from the new album SOUL) will help to change this. SEAL deserves a lot more respect and adulation than he gets from the British public yet why should he care he has a beautiful wife HEIDI KLUM and children to go with it .Plus the adoration of the American public who adore him. I still remember going to see him perform and being blown away by just how good he is not being pigeon holed in any way but just doing is own thing .After the concert my friends waited to get a glimpse of their idol, not wanting to seem star struck I walked on preferring to wait by a friend’s car ,thinking he wouldn’t appear yet he did chatting to my friends as he walked down the street .Suddenly I realized he was walking towards me his coach was parked on the street not far from me .He stopped and asked if I enjoyed the concert surprised I said yes and would to here more of the same we talked briefly, and then he left. I was impressed and since then have taken a keen interest in this diverse yet humble man. I can’t be too long before we again remember what made us fall in love with this man and maybe that his time has come and SOUL may be it




I Am Your Man

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