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I’ve been checking out a group that are new to my ears by the name of Secret Rendezvous. The duo who are Sietske Musiex Morsch and Remi Sausbei Lauw these two beautiful people are laying down their own brand of electric psychedelic soul music which I have to say has left this dude completely hooked on their music they take their influences from the likes of Curtis Mayfield, funkadelic, kraftwerk, Led zeppelin and Prince (you can’t go wrong there can you). This is so obvious in a strange way when you here their sound, yet they are doing something quite different and pioneering at the same time. That is why I would like to urge you all to check the duo out ,if you want something different yet soulful and containing strong medley as well as great beats  with an organic feel and a touch of euro techno grooves  then Secret Rendezvous are your thing .In fact there every bodies thing .There debut album "PAINT THE TOWN RED" is
OUT NOW ON ITUNES and released by the way on their own label Sonic Galore Records’
as described on their website With the debut ‘Paint The Town Red’ the Amsterdam based group presents a quirky blend of styles in which Psychedelic, Electro and Soul are the core of the music.
‘Paint The Town Red’ sounds bold and innovative. It breaths an experimental atmosphere with artistic adventure. The lyrics are mostly autobiographical. In large they cover love but also themes as insecurity, hope and making choices.
The title track winks at the actual music industry in which the artistic part and creativity sometimes are nowhere to be found. Wacko is one of my favorite songs on the album, but Secret Rendezvous is the  killer!!! Song(I replayed this ten times before moving on) likes a fine wine you can’t get enough of wow! Always Get So Clumsy has that funkadelic yet 80`s vibe that’s hard to describe yet is so refreshing again (replay button lol) all in all ,I know I’m going to be playing a lot of their music over the coming years you can’t write like this and people not notice just how good these two are. Coming from Amsterdam (I have fond memories of my stay there in 1984) they both now how to write a dam good song and the production is tight throughout and polished, yet they manage to make it seem so raw. Vocally
Sietske Musiex Morsch is breathtakingly excellent and drives every song in such an uplifting way even when the subject seems dark. Listen to some of their music then go buy it. By CW devendo 1981 music







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