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The other day I received some music about a young artist (and very talented I must say) Serena Soya I listened to her music on and off over a period of days, as I did it began to slowly overtake some of the music I was listening to. There is a certain maturity about her sound both vocally and lyrically she appears to take her influences from all over, lyrically she very thoughtful and some topics she’s possibly experienced in her own life( MOTHERSHIP is a killer song) other songs that cusght me include BRIUSE and REMEDY WHICH HAD ME HITTING REPLAY!!! which makes her sound so soulful. Soul music wise she’s from the gut, yet structures her songs in a well polished and yet raw way. Check her out she definitely has her own sound and is one to keep an eye on for the future. Fro the Bio I received.


Serena has been singing from as far back as she can remember. She always wanted to have a voice in one way or another, and especially with her so called 'behavior issues'

she made sure she was always heard.

She was misunderstood and branded as one of the kids that would never be anything but trouble in school - until she channelled all her excess energy into music.
Ask most 11 year old girls who they had in there cassette player at that time and it was Britney or Christina but Serena grew up relating to the likes of Eminem’s 'puke' fused with a love for power vocals such as 'blackbox ride on time' - an unlikely combination I know. But something hit her strong about a women with such power in her voice, and a man venting every last ounce of anger from the core of his body to the tip of his tongue. So this inspired her to start writing.

Serena kept writing more and more, as things from home to home never really got better until she reached 17. In and out of foster care, always in a scuff, and making a general mess of things - but as her list of experiences, life lessons and general cock ups grew, so did Serena's folder of songs. Soon before she knew it she had files and files of songs she had written, each personal or about her observations from people watching. She only wrote them down out of fear she may of forgotten them but its funny how now those folders lie somewhere dusty in an attic, Serena still remembers each and everyone. Hundreds - I guess you just can’t shake a memory.
The turning point for Serena was her two years spent at College, a new mix of people, a new set of teachers, a
new start and most importantly Serena focusing on one thing - MUSIC.

By this point she knew without doubt, it was the only thing keeping her sane.

Reaching 18, with no time to waste Serena used her strongest asset once again - her voice. Over the next two years she started networking and worked her way up starting as a session vocalist for underground singers, bands and rappers all across London. She soon got tired of this, and paid her friend to leave her room for a week, so she could record on her little home set - up. From there she vented 20 years worth of emotions and hit the record button.... And that takes us to noRnb & Soul music need not fear with someone like this around.






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