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One of those artist that easily comes to mind when I think back to the soulful funky days of 1981 and after, is SHARON REDD she was the most successful artist on PRELUDE RECORDS remember them(always love their design), it was started in 1976 by Marvin Schlacher  At one time,Francois Kevorkan (the remix master at the time  and DJ)herld an A7R positionat Prelude. It was again during one of my late nights stints(not finnishing homework  still i had to make up for it) listening to DJ MIKE BAKER at my local radio station(BEACON RADIO IN THE WEST MIDLANDS) that I heard the funky soulful song CAN YOU HANDLE IT straight away I was hooked my cousin and I ventured to our nearby town to buy it, as well as other albums of which I will mention another time. The self entitled album contained some wonderful gems LOVE IS GONNA YA and YOU’VE GOT MY LOVE among two of the killer songs on it. All that year CAN YOU HANDLE IT was one of the songs I could not get out of my head. There was a FRANCIOS KEVORKIAN REMIX  0f the song that was an underground smashat the time, The album gave SHARON REDD a huge following

 CAN YOU HANDLE IT reached number 31 in the UK charts in 1982.At the time I was shocked as I believed that the song was timeless and should have done better. SHARON REDD was born OCTOBER 19, 1945 her father was Gene Redd and work at KING RECORDS and sister is PENNYE FORD. Her career started in the mid 60,s as she was then a budding actress whilst at the same time she recorded songs for UNITED ARTIST RECORDS covering a Hank Williams song HALF AS MUCH of which was a hit for the young MISS REDD.Yet the real big break came in the Australian production of the musical HAIR that SHARON REDD began to take off.Tiring of that production she left .She then  auditioned for BETT MIDLER in 1973 and got to go on tour with her while at the same time provide backing vocals for the likes of NORMAN CONNERS and CAROL DOUGLAS. It would be in 1980 she would sign for PRELUDE and the real magic started as far as my ears were concerned .After the success of the first album naturally you want to go one better in 1982 she released the album REDD HOTT,I can still remember  cycling the  18mile round journey( i know crazy) to buy that album and being totally blown away with how different it was, songs like BEAT THE STREET  ,NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP and IN THE NAME OF LOVE  where all massive hits for this very unique lady who had a very distinct vocal and sound .The world was discovering what a talent she was


and she had earned it. SHARON REDD would follow this album with her 1983 album LOVE HOW YOU FEEL again this would be an instant hit, yet  I myself had not been taken in by that album so i didn’t buy it but was pleased to see her get the recognition she so deserved .After  PRELUDE folded she return to singing back ground vocals and in 1991 released the song ALL THE WAY TO LOVE .Over the years I still enjoy playing her music around the house and when my daughters and son hear CAN YOU HANDLE  IT  they are left singing it for days later, and me well let’s just say I get the satisfaction of knowing just what a rare talent SHARON REDD was yes what she did was not what most would say  was RNB or SOUL MUSIC but a mixture of this and early dance music, but she did it well. In May 1992 when it seemed she was again making a comeback SHARON REDD passed away .So to SHARON REDD thank you for the music .It true to say the world simply could not handle her and her music.

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