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The song it’s a pleasure written and performed by sheree brown has for me one of the most engaging yet simple introductions so much so that ever since (one very hot summer night in) 1981 whenever something good happens in my life the introduction of that song pops into my head (crazy I am LOL) it has become a sought of theme in my life along with others songs and music that I have picked up along the way. The was feature on SHEREE BROWNS albums entitled STRAIGHT AHEAD my one disappointment was after buying the said 12 inch version I found myself back then with no money to purchase the album (still at school and money was tight) this said, like today I had fund that I carefully saved money into and once I had enough I would then get what I needed. Sadly by the time I got around to buying it I was face with a then dilemma do I buy the brand new MICHEAL JACKSON`S THRILLER or SHEREE BROWNS STARIGHT AHEAD, sadly I chose the first not that I didn’t grow to like it but a few weeks later I would buy SHEREE`S set and was totally blown away  by her raw talent she had a way with words and song that seemed to speak to its listeners  as if it new you personally .I got word straight from the lady herself( can you imagine after all these years ME! ) that the album is to be re released, of which totally caught me by surprise. You see I had always had a concept in my mind of how I would have made a video for that song so with my limited skills I put one together (see below) after showing it to my wife and children I decided to place it on her face book page and got this new s in return.


Such joy I felt as I watched it. It is so timely. I have been on "Cloud 9" all this week because I was just at Capitol Records re-mastering my "Straight Ahead" album. When I was listening to it, it sounded so new, so fresh. The Grammy nominated mastering engineer (he's been there since the late 80's and has worked with a lot of folks) that I am working with said that it is rare that something like this happens. He said that the music does not sound dated at all and the tape that has been in the vault for 30 years sounded so clean and clear when being transferred. And then, Wow!!! You send me this video and now I am just floating :)

We're re-releasing this and including a new bonus single. It doesn't have quite the same flair, but it's one that I am dedicating to all of my supporters. I am discussing putting a tour together and I definitely want to come to the UK.

There's a whole other generation that is being exposed to this music and they love it!!!! There is a re-birth going on and you are now a part of it. I thank you for that.


Sheree Brown

SHEREE SARAH BROWN born 25TH DECEMBER 1955 in my hum

ble opini 


on is simply one of music s most hidden gems i say this because it takes a lot digging to find magical music that is inspiring, and the music world  doesn’t always get the balance right. Yet  for me this isn’t a bad thing it has allowed  me to enjoy her music over the years as if I had this great secret that no one else new  about accept me. When  in 1982 a month after only just  buying the first album (and wonder why did I take too long getting it) came the news of the second album THE MUSIC ,my excitement grew yet  what surprised me was  that all of a sudden people were talking  about her and that was it my secret was out ,but HEY! I didn’t mind sharing as would enjoy this album immensely songs like HAPPY MUSIC and GOT TO GET AWAY are my favourites. As a true  artist  she has never really left the scene as might have appear to many she would co write many songs with another  artist I have fond memories of PATRICE RUSHEN.Listen to ZHANE`S  hit GROOVE THANG  and it has them stamped all over it. In 2001 both ladies released the album BEAUTIFUL  WOMAN  again demonstrating she has  always had it and time has made her a better artist ,again in my humble opinion  she has always remained positive in her work and inspiring at the same time. As said above the original album is being re-release so as if by co-incidence I came up with this video to go with song IT’S A PLEASURE and it received SHEREE BROWN blessing, you can imagine how pleased I was   to here she really like it .In the end video or no video that song and that album has stood the test of time it really fits right in there with the sound of today people like INDIA ARIE (don’t get me wrong I love this women’s work to) and  alike appear to have taken some inspiration straight of the SHEREE BROWN book of music, that may not be so, yet without trying to sell to the masses SHEREE BROWN has a sound that if truly unleashed I believe would have a huge impact on music itself, I would say that though I love her work ,so I tell you what!  you take a listen to any of this ladies body of work or better still go out and get this re- release STARIGHT AHEAD and tell me it isn’t  good  IDARE YOU!  click here    and  here  for more about this amazing talent

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