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I if you haven’t caught on to the vibes of Sherry Davis then now is the time to get on board, because this soul music diva has so much soul locked in her closet she’s about to explode just getting it out seriously just take a listen to her new EP Star Crossed Lovers the open track Cant Stay Away is a killer song, (not even MARIA SHARAPOVAS grunting and screaming could put me off this track) it has a pop edge to it but make no mistake Sherry Davis vocally delivers a top marks performance. I first heard Sherry’s music when I was sent the song Aint That Love .Right Away I thought hit but for some strange reason this did not happen .With the new EP (out June 3rd by the way) I’m betting this will turn a few head so bloggers websites DJ`s give the lady a hand she sure deserves it . This is how she is described on her face book page. Her happy- spirited demeanour is a head turner and so is the voice of Sherry Davis.  Having caught the attention of soul aficionados earlier this year with the release of ‘Ain’t That Love’ with production from the legendary Omar Lye Fook (MBE), it served as a reminder that there is still musical substance to be found amid the throwaway offerings of many.

 As keen on playing the piano or keys as she is singing or writing, you get a definite feeling Sherry is only warming up. Her upcoming 4 track EP “Star Crossed Lovers” aims to do more than just whet your appetite. I must strongly agree here, we have a young lady with an enormous talent check her out released via Metropolis Music Management. By CW  to buy

 take a listen to Star Crossed Lovers







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