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Sophie Okonedo is what I would like to think of as one of Britains best kept secrets she is at home on stage and on the big screen, she the actress you see and say HEY WASNT SHE IN SUCH &SUCH but you never quite remember the name or even know that she in fact  is English. Born 1st January 1969 to a Jewish mother and Nigerian father her upbringing was enriched by the experience her mother always encourage her in the interest of the arts and its seem s this has paid off. Attending the ROYAL ACADEMY OF DRAMATIC ARTS and from there started to appear in numerous TV ROLES. You would notice her starring opposite DON CHEADLE in the film HOTEL RWANDA and also in a supporting role in the movie AEON FLUX opposite CHARLIZE THERON. Recently she can see in the movie THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES opposite Alicia Keys Queen Latifah Jennifer Hudson and Dakota Fanning. Yet her rise has been slow yet steady building a career that looks more likely as its always been to start in the us rather than the uk where roles are hard to come by as well as compelling stories to fit a person with such talent. She seems to be at ease in almost every role watch in DIRTY LITTLE THINGS another great movie she appeared to see what I mean a talent to keep your eye but if you want to see more you may have to wait for another US made move or catch her at a local theatre.

I don't like going for more than a year without doing theatre. I don't mind falling flat on my face so long as I feel I'm open to the possibility of something extraordinary happening.

Surely it’s a matter of time before British audiences start giving acts like her and others who have made it state side more respect and acknowledgement than they appear to get know. Sophie Okonedo will also star in the movie SKIN its about a black girl born to two white parents in south Africa during the apartheid era, based on a true story.

I'd hate to lose the character actress part of me, because, by God, the parts are much more interesting. As a black actress all I was offered in British film was the best friend role, whereas in TV I was offered a whole spectrum of parts. I'd love to be able to follow that through into my newly-formed film career which I didn't expect to get at 36!

Sophie Okonedo we look forward to seeing more of this lady on film and in the theatre. See below the movies she has appeared in

Ace Ventura:When nature calls (1995)

The Jackal (1997) 

 This Year love(1999)

Dirty Pretty Things (2002)

Hotel Rwanda (2004) 

Aon Flux (2005)

Stormbreaker (2006)

Tsunami: The Aftermath(2006)

Oliver Twist (2007)

Skin (2008)

The Secret Life of Bees (2008)







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