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SOULPERSONA  a gem amongst gems







Morgan Howell  aka Soulpersona  is one of the few people in the UK at present who shear will power is doing so much in raising the awareness of real soul music in my humble opinion and in case your asking “ Soul persona who”? Then just read on my friends and let me break it down for you, Soul persona (Soul P) is a musician producer writer and remixer and you can add businessman to his portfolio while he’s at it. He has worked with the like s of Jocelyn (his friend and mentor, who could ask for a better one) Brown, Leon Ware (WOW!) Oliver Cheatham (remember get down Saturday night) Sherry Brown (It’s a Pleasure fame 82) Jean






 Carne and the wonderful gifted Princess Freesia( a native of Australia, she even got her own language) who by the way has a new album release through Soul persona’s record label DigiSoul entitled The Rainbow Ride check it out, she also produce this album her self .Its seems Morgan is building a little empire and with the quality music as well as artist and  he’s delivering on so many levels , its only a small matter of time before others start to notice. He has what I can best describe as an acute eye for a great song and fantastic ear together with the people and influences he’s able to reach into all genres and pull out something real soulful. A trick that is seldom done these days sadly too many artist  writers and producers  run with a trend and just label it soul music or rnb music. I guess in some ways that all well and good, as long as we have people like Soul persona around .People who can press the right musical buttons and deliver quality music .The masses may not absorb it (I wish they would) but his music I believe has a growing audience filled with oldies like me and younger






 hip dudes who are beginning to listen to some of the music of the artist mentioned above and like it. The man is a gem among gems 9 which means to find him you will have to do some digging) and for a soul boy form Cardiff Wales one can only admire what he’s achieved. To hear some of Soul P music check out his Soulacoaster set its still doing the rounds. You can also check out Soul Persona skills via Neo Terra feat. Neil Waters Inspired by the Freddie Hubbard version, this features the slick skills of Digisoul's resident trumpet player Neil Waters. Love this track it reminds of how at one time we all would get excited about a song that didn’t have any RAP or Vocals in it and still think it was cool because the artist actually played the song. Oh well one cant reminisce but with Soul persona and people like him we don’t have to because they are keep the art of soul music alive in a very unique way. Long may this continue to happen. So please  get out there and support the music .



Oh by the way you want o alos check at PRICNCESS FREESIA  LAP DANCER album available everywhere.










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