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I have always thought of syleena Johnson (born 2nd September 1976) as immensely talented yet for some reason I found that I didn’t have any of her albums in my collection, maybe I bought singles yet I never bought an album I guess I always thought of her music as bedroom music which was a little to explicit for theses ears lyrically yet she has managed to put out gems like ANOTHER RELATIONSHIP of which ranks highly on my list of songs. Sure in today’s world a woman is meant to feel that she has to act and be a certain way this is something she has fought hard against. Having a father who was in the business didn’t make that easy at all (SYL JOHNSON) in 2001 she hit the music scene with the album CHAPTER 1 LOVE, PAIN & FORGIVENESS the stand out song was IAM YOUR WOMEN (great song) Then in 2002 CHAPTER 2 THE VOICE   in 2005 CHAPTER 3 THE FLESH at the same time she was featured on the KANYE WEST single ALL FALLS DOWN. After this things went quiet she decided  that she needed  to grow in a new direction and has since taken her career in her own hands  for her next release on her own label ( great to see) entitled  CHAPTER 4 LABOUR PAINS  ,listening to it I would have to say as it’s the only album I have this is very outstanding  IT IS  TRUE  my favourite track  followed closely by SHOOFLY  & IS IT BECAUSE I,M BLACK.  She shows just what a true talent she really is and she can be proud of this effort I only hope she gets the radio play for this new album it truly deserves. Syleena  is has beautiful as she is talented  she is a wife and a mother and now a business  women at the same time and this soulful diva is doing  it so if you haven’t like me purchased any of her albums then start 2009 off with this new set . written by cw alrights reserved.

Syleena Johnson was born to sing. Her honey-toned, down-home bluesy and soul drenched vocals have always possessed a mysterious richness and maturity well beyond her years. Vibe Magazine has described Syleena’s sound as “ distinctive, sometimes sweet, a little tart and always strong” while USA Today declares she possesses “a gorgeous voice and evocative storytelling.” The highly sought-after, vers...
atile and dynamic R&B/soul vocalist, who has collaborated with Kanye West (“All Falls Down,” “Suddenly/Bulls-Eye”), R. Kelly (“Hypnotic,” “I am Your Woman,” “Guess What), Common (“Suddenly/Bulls-Eye”), Jermaine Dupri (“Classic Love Song”), Twista (“Self Destruction”) among numerous others, will release her long-awaited new CD, Chapter V: Underrated on Shanachie Entertainment September 27, 2011. “My fans gave me the name,” shares Syleena about her CD title. “I am currently in a place where I just wanted to go into the studio and record what felt good. When you do this, you begin to bleed the true artistry that is in your heart and soul.”

Chapter V: Underrated features the album’s first single “A Boss,” (produced by Unik who has produced Pitbull and Tyrese) a fiery ‘sista’s doing it for themselves’ anthem that pays tribute to the power of women who are able to provide for themselves even if they have a man. Syleena says “This song empowers women to be strong and demand what they want from a relationship. The lyrics say, ‘He can get it (my heart that is) if he is a Boss like me.’ The meaning is that you want your partner to do all of the things that you are doing to better yourself as a person, career wise or any other way.” Chapter V: Underrated also includes “Speaker Junkie,” another track that proves Syleena Johnson’s undeniable ability to make the crowd move. The songbird shares, “It is the kind of song that makes you want to get on top of the speaker and dance. It takes you back to the times when music was invigorating and its sole purpose was to make you feel good and dance!” Syleena collaborates with several guests on the CD including Toxic, AK of Do or Die, Na’ Tee and Tweet, who is featured on the duet “Angry Girl,” which addresses women who carry negative attitudes that ruin men and love for the next woman who comes along. Syleena shares, “I feel like I have been caged and now I am free to finally look, feel, and sing the way I want and how I want and it feels REALLY good.”

The Renaissance woman, who earned a degree in Nutrition Science and who has acted off Broadway and modeled with the prestigious Wilhelmina Modeling Agency, underscores her talents not only as a singer but as a composer as well on Chapter V: Underrated. “Composing my music lyrically is everything to me. It allows me to tell my story and express myself through song. The daughter of famed blue/R&Bs artist Syl Johnson has been chronicling her life on record since 2001’s Love, Pain, & Forgiveness (her first of three albums with Jive Records that featured R. Kelly and Buddy Guy), which explored the beginning of how God established a relationship and peace within Syleena. He then gave her the Garden of Eden in Chapter 2: The Voice (featuring guest Busta Rhymes and the Flipmode Squad). Around this time Syleena also had a breakthrough collaboration with Kanye West on the song “All Falls Down” which earned both a Grammy and VMA nomination. In 2005, Chapter 3: The Flesh was released and Syleena saw fruitful collaborations with Kanye West, Common, Jermaine Dupri, Twista and Anthony Hamilton. Chapter 4: Labor Pains followed in 2009 on Syleena’s own label Aneelys. With Chapter V: Underrated about to unfold, Syleena shares, “This may not be what you are used to seeing and hearing from me, but it's the TRUE me that you never knew. Thanks to my fans, I have the courage to be me, with no limitations.”




SYLEENA looks set to release  new material take a listen to her new song i like it SYLEENA,  and on the strengh of this song buying this new album(CHAPTER V UNDERRATED) is a must BUY .Awelcome return to a very underrated star .






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