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SCOTT LEO DIGGS (BORN 2ND JANUARY 1971) or TAYE DIGGS as he`s better known as, is an actor

with bags of talent even if he didn’t have the great looks he would still be a wonderful actor, something we don’t seem to want in or actors these days as much .They have to have the whole LOOK package yet it`s fair to say of TAYE DIGGS he has., I first saw him in the film HOW STELLA GOT HER GROOVE BACK 1998 later he appeared in the hit movie THE WOOD and THE BEST MAN  since then he has steadily  built up a head of steam whilst appearing in TV and in MOVIES  of which BROWN SUGAR ,CHICAGO and  more recently  OUR FAMILY WEDDING are just some . In TV ALLY McBEAL, KEVIN HILL and recently PRIVATE PRACTICE .All in all this actor and business man has the whole package and I for one, would like to see him in more roles on the big screen and on TV. He has worked hard at his craft and never appears to let much faze him he’s a happy on stage where it all started as well as on the screen whether this is film or TV.Dispite all of this TAYE DIGSS hasn’t managed to land what I would call a solid role although I did admire him in KEVIN HILL. What he requires is a role to suite his obvious versatile skills, at age 40 some may say finding great roles will be harder to come by ,but for an actor of this quality I would have to say that it should not matter .When you have great talent it always shines through.

I would love for film to go back to those days where you had to be able to do everything just to get by. In the forties, fifties, and sixties they were good singers, good actors, and good dancers. That's the school that I come from. I would love for film to go back to that but nowadays it's too difficult because there's a whole 'cheese factor' involved. You see someone who sings and you need to know whether or not they are going to have the mass appeal when they cross over. I think that people were just more talented and well-rounded in the past because they had to be. Back then the studios had crafted stars like Judy Garland. You just don't see the same type of all-purpose entertainers nowadays.

You and me TAYE, you and me.

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