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 When it comes to TEDDY PENDEGRASS (Born March 26, 1950) there are very few words to some him up timeless songs IF YOU DON’T KNOW ME BY NOW and WAKE UP EVERY BODY of which he perform with the group HAROLD MELVIN AND THE BLUE NOTES then some of his own solo stuff THE WHOLE TOWNS LAUGHING AT ME ,TURN OFF THE LIGHTS, LOVE TKO , YOU’RE MY CHOICE TONIGHT ,and JOY as some of the music he has graced the world with .For me it was 1984 that I heard the song YOU’RE MY CHOICE TONIGHT that really woke me up to the mans talents ,sure LOVE TKO had always been a song I had liked along with WAKE UP EVERYBODY of which I also liked, yet it was the team up with LUTHER VANDROSS that blew me away ,Every one knows that story of how in 1982 he suffered a terrible accident which left him unable to walk .Yet what many don’t talk about is how is has managed to stay positive and overcome such a life changing event and be stronger as a human being for it ,When most of us couldn’t handle a





simple name calling let alone overcoming what this man has had to deal with. His music has always been blessed with his very own unique vocal sound which is so soulful and inspiring. If you can remember or you have a copy of the LOVE LANGUAGE album the you will know it features a you WHITNEY HOUSTON on the song HOLD ME (look what she went on to do) my favourite duet of his was with the wonderful STEPHANIE MILLS on the song TWO HEARTS .The list of songs from TEDDY PENDERGRASS could go on and on .Yet what I most like the man for is the battle that he has overcome . Although in recent years he has tended to keep quiet releasing some material along way each time he takes you back to a time when artist truly had the soul music in them and allowed that to inspire them than trying to appease a certain pop audience. My hope is that he will record again real soon maybe reunite with some of the people he worked with of old and work with the new talents of today ,whatever he does I’m sure it will bring all music lovers great joy the world around to here the voice of MR TEDDY PENDERGRASS. So him we here say a great big thank you for the music and the inspiration to fight our own battles no matter what. For more TEDDY CLICK HERE

 sadly TEDDY PENDERGRASS has died he passed away 13th January 2010, Bryn Mawr Hospital, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A .R I P Theodore DeReese.THE MUSIC WILL LIVE ON  FOREVER

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