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Its taken quite sometime for the artist TEEDRA MOSES to reappear on the musical scene ,her album COMPLEX SIMPLICITY was released in 2004 and soon we will be gifted with her new album THE YOUNG LIONESS sometime this year . Its about time, frankly I was beginning to think she would not return whilst i was not one those blown away from her last album never the less make no mistake it was a good album and showcased what i thought was a very promising new artist. I didn’t agree with the lack of attention the album received, so I’m itching to see the lady prove most critics wrong .She is certainly as good as any new starlets out there today and is well grounded in her soul music roots . TEEDRA MOSES was born December 17 1976 in the USA and before turning to music she worked as a wardrobe assistant stylist to the likes of WILL SMITH,KELIS and R KELLY. This though did not satisfy her creative juices and when she accidentally broke her leg and had time to think she made her decision to create her own music.

“Some things you feel you have to stick with but it




doesn’t give you any fulfilment” she is quoted as saying “ With singing ,creating music gives me fulfilment that i new i wouldn’t find anywhere elseShe has written music for the likes of RAPHEAL SAADIQ ,MARY J BLIGE and CHRISTINA MILAN all quality acts that prove she has the writers talent to take things to the next level. Have a sneak feeling going off the strength of the NEW song PUT IT IN THE WIND from her new album THE YOUNG LIONESS that she is going to grab the soul world by surprise, it has that 80,s groove yet is totally up to date the world is about to wakes up to the talent that is TEEDRA MOSES I can’t wait to check it out.

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 check out some new music from TEEDRA click HERE

 Teedra Moses by TeedraMoses



Teedra Moses - R U 4 Real (New)
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NEW MIXTAPE ALBUM IS OUT ITS CALLED Luxurious Undergrind COMPILATION   its a solid set killer songs through out my song is the dreamy THE ONLY ONE take a litsen to it TEEDRA  is indeed  a very underrated star especially in the UK I`m sure one listen and you will be converted to her brand of HIP HOP SOUL this time  out it feels more soulful than hip hop . click on picture to download the new album. Again simply divine.




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