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It`s certainly true that music has no colour if you don’t know that or like it, then I feel positively sorry for you whether you like that or not. This brings me to the artist in question TEENA MARIE she epitomises just how music can and will break down barriers of all kinds.  Her music ranges from funk to rnb  jazz and  rock. Yet she has always managed to be real to herself. She was an artist that I didn’t recognise at first but in the summer of 1981 I heard her voice singing on a funky track entitled SQARE BIZ  this just blew me away , I still remember rushing to put my cassette in my tape recorder  to tape part of the song .I knew I was going to buy the said record, arriving at the local  music store in my home town I was so surprised when looking at the front cover there looking back was what I perceived to a white lady looking back ,instead of putting me off it really excited me to see that the music I was about to buy wasn’t just black music but it belonged to everyone. TEENA MARIE or MARY CHRISTINE BROCKERT was born MARCH 5TH 1957 in Santa Monica but was raised in Oakwood Los Angeles .It was at 17 years of age she would meet her mentor and friend RICK JAMES in 1979 she released her first album WILD AND PEACEFUL Rick James would write and produce as well as perform on the set. At the time many then didn’t know she wasn’t black, and It would take her next outing to find that out. LADY T and IRONS IN THE FIRE both released in 1980 which spawned the hits BEHIND THE GROOVE & I NEED YOUR LOVING.1981 had come around and TEENA by now was already assuming control over music which is something all artists should and want to be doing. IT MUST BE MAGIC was release it had TEENA distinct vocals  and talent so firmly stamped all over it .On the song SQUARE BIZ she would also RAP which was amazing to here at the time  as BLONDIE had attempted the same thing  and yet I didn’t quite  feel that song although I didn’t hate it. The album featured RICK JAMES and even PATRIC RUSHEN lending a hand.It contained  songs such has the classic PORTUGESE LOVE, 365, WHERES CALIFORNIA, AND IT MUST BE MAGIC for me was her best set for Motown and for me one of her best to date .Sadly she would leave Motown and a legal battle would breakout this was down to the fact that Motown had failed to pay her correctly for her years of service. So after leaving in 1982 she would sign for EPIC records in 1983 release ROBBEY it wasn’t well received here yet featured hits like FIX IT and CASONOVA BROWN it was her next album that took TEENA to the heights of fame STARCHILD was released in 1984 and featured one of my favourite songs MY DEAR MR GAYE the set gave her hits such as LOVER GIRL and OUT ON A LIMB. Next she would release EMERALD CITY in 1986 it was a rock n roll type concept, but didn’t do so well .She would next return to RNB soul music roots and NAKED TO THE WORLD was release 1987 and then followed this with IVORY in 1990 she would then agree with EPIC records to part company .Not one to be kept down she would release the album PASSION PLAY on her own label whilst raising her daughter. Although quiet somewhat recording wise  through the rest of the 90,s you didn’t have to wait long before hearing the many samples of her music .This proved if  hadn’t already guessed it, what a wonderful legacy THE LADY T had left in 1999 my wife gave birth to a beautiful girl TIA whom i refer to as THE LADY T OR  TT. 

You can’t imagine how excited I was when in 2004 on hearing the news  she was back and  La Dona was released it featured my favourite song A ROSE BY ANY OTHER NAME a duet with the late GERALD LEVERT she followed that up with  SAPHIRE in 2006 and again blew me away with songs like OoH Wee and ROMATICA. TEENA has since left CASHMONEY RECORDS yet is still  set to release a new album this year called CONGO SQARE a more JAZZ related affair. TEENA MARIE is beyond a doubt a true talent of music and has championed the rights of control over here music and the kind of music she produces. Again if you are a budding writer, singer or producer take a listen to SQUARE BIZ and when she begins rapping have a good listen to the list of people she found gave her inspiration YOU MAY BE SUPPRISED likley most of us  somtime limit our aspiration`s or have none. Unlike many of the young artist today she has never sounded like anyone but herself .

When i think back to how her music has influenced me over the years ,one memory repeats over and over and that s back to the death of MARVIN GAYE  I can still remember how sad I felt about the whole situation ,DIANA ROSS Had release the LIONEL RITCHIE penned song MISSING YOU this was a wonderful tribute MAZE had also released the epic SILKY SOUL SINGER. Then came time for TEENA`S tribute to the great man it was not only a masterpiece but a tribute to music itself and the artistry that TEENA MARIE had used there in, the lyrics the production the key structures and changes within the song ,the overall production and of course the vocal execution ,that was simply unbelievable. The words were positive the tone of the song struck a positive and moving tribute ,leaving you not sad ,but hopeful. That song echoes in my head from time to time as a sort of theme tune .It does that now as I type these words .TEENA recently said of today’s music you have to look very far to find GREAT! Music ,songs and artist. This sadly is so true there is a lot of junk to look at in to- days modern music ,( i suppose when your a sarah vaughn fan it will always be hard to match anyone to her standard)when it seems that we didn’t have to look to far to find this 35 or even 25 years ago, and yet as each year goes by we lose a shining light a true one at that in TEENA MARIE it leaves you slightly doubtful of the artistry around today yet there are great acts out there, some that are there some that have not been discovered, yet  we can do our part by supporting them .This means buying the music ,TEENA MARIE set a benchmark in soul music jazz and blue`s plus rock that when we  look back and realise this ( as i guess many of us already do) we will yet again morn that we lost a true STARCHILD some one capable of writing songs that uplifted and gave hope ,as oppose to making the listener angry or sad. If you are new to music you should have a TEENA MARIE album in your collection .Indeed all should . So to TEENA MARIE I say thank you for the music and I hope there will be more to come. Sad news i have to report that one of soul music `s pioneers( the woman to whom gave me the inpiration for my daughters name) and icon has died TEENA MARIE as annouced by her manager has past away ,i was hoping this was not true .It appears last month she had a siezure whilst watching  Tv  Lynn Jeter said that Marie suffered a grand mal seizure -- a neurological event, marked by loss of consciousness and violent muscle contractions, according to the Mayo Clinic

"Luckily, someone was there," Jeter said of that seizure. "The ambulance took her to the hospital, and on the way she had another seizure."

  . No confirmed cause as yet though .
 DEC 26TH 2010.

Isaiah. 25:8.  john 5:28   Amen come soon!

found this quote fom the artist LENNY KRAVITZ

"I've never really talked much about it in depth, but I would not be here ... if it wasn't for Teena," he confessed. "She took me in when I was around 16. I was just a musician on the street. I was living from pillar to post. She took me in. She gave me a bedroom. She fed me. She cooked for me. She took care of me. She gave me instruments to play. She took me to all her recording sessions. She took me to concerts. She nurtured me and helped me to become who I am. She changed my life not only as an artist but as a person.

"Teena Marie was a treasure, was a genius – composer, arranger, singer, musician, unique [and] underrated by far," Kravitz continued. "I just want to send all my love and respect out to the family."

” “I’m most proud professionally, of the legacy I've been able to create through my music.”

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