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I don’t need to say anything when it comes to British soul music or the state of rnb music here in the UK in many ways it’s healthy, depending on when you were born. Then along comes a quality act like TERRI WALKER (Chanelle Gstettenbauer Born14 April 1979)   and you think OH because you know that after all the fanfare  and the hype the artist won’t get  the much needed support both within the industry and sadly with the advent of pirating outside the industry. TERRI WALKER in my humble opinion should be one of the acts that we see charting here on a regular basis, yet with a smaller market and as said earlier, she sadly is not. She earned her stripes working with likes of Brand New Heavies, Paul Weller’s inner circle of post-Style Council and Shanks and Bigfoot. Then in 2003she launched her assault on the UK market with the stunning UNTITLED album following this with the album L.O.V.E in 2005 and the equally excellent I AM set in 2006 then she seemed to disappear from the scene altogether. Even then you sensed that the cause was all those mention previously, and had she been put off by all of this. This could be she appeared to be someone born to do this .As I have slowly watched the trickle of black talent leave these shores and venture to the USA where they are finding better opportunities and that they are respected and taken seriously in that they don’t have to always have a rock guitar in hand to be counted as credible. Recently I got word that TERI WALKER had signed with DAMON DASHES record label Roc-A-Fella.To be honest i am not surprised at this one bit, TERRI WALK

ER is a very bright and talented lady and anyone who has ever witnessed her live will testify to this, frankly I’m not that bothered that people have to go abroad to get notice this is the nature of the business, it’s not local anymore its worldwide and artist all over the world have had to adjust to this fact even if it’s a bit hard to sometimes take, yet it demonstrates that we do have talent that even if the tacky record labels can’t get their act together here then others are willing to step in. Not to mention with MySpace and facebook and YouTube artist can now go directly to the public and sell their music directly to us. Many are opting for this also in the US as well as Europe and here. This in my opinion is one option  I whole heartedly support. So TERRI girl! Do your thing and I can’t wait to hear what you come up with but in the mean time, have a listen to this from the new album.



Terri walker has just released an EP 'Matters Of The Heart' is a collection of soulful records written and performed by UK singer-songwriter Terri Walker, as part of collaborations with various producers and writers including T Williams, Donaeo, Spectrasoul, The Layabouts, M3nsa, Brackles and Artful.Top marks Terri  for truly showing the Uk has still got soul.Take a litsen to it below.Some killer songs here LIGHT IN THE DARK for me is the highlight song with HERE WITH YOU and he loves me a close second.











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