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 In my eyes THANDIE ADEJWA NEWTON is the, dare I say this, but Britain’s answer to HALLE BERRY and I mean it in respectful way  Thandie in my humble opinion is as good  if not better  actress  as Halle sure she hasn’t won an OSCAR but she has a BAFTA  and many would argue.,that Halle received  hers for basically taking off  her clothes , but no I’m not saying that at all it would be disrespectful to go there, Thandie has landed some pretty chunky roles and has blown us out of the water with them .Take her role in the movie CRASH it was simply outstanding then you watch her in MISSION IMPOSSIBLE where in a completely different role she again shows she can more than hold her own against  the likes  of Tom cruise. It has not been an easy ride for this much loved British actress but she has steadily built up her pedigree within the industry and just like Halle is set to go further as she has demonstrated even when the films were not that good, her part in the CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK is a perfect example of just how brilliant she can be sure the movie didn’t do that well but checkout  her performance and you will see she’s giving it 110% and it shows. You couldn’t pigeon hole this lady if you tried and to be honest when I heard she pulled out of the Charlie angels role I was glad, she deserved a whole lot better. Then again NORBIT wasn’t a great choice in movies .She was born in England 6th November 1972 her father is

Zimbabwean and mother a British lab technician Thandie Newton first appearance in film was in the movie FLIRTS in 1991 but it was in the movie the BELOVED that kick started her career which helped land the role opposite Tom crusie in Mission Impossible II other memorable movie she’s appeared in are THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS and RUN FAT BOY RUN. She is set to star in the end of the world epic 2012 directed by Roland Emmerich, also starring John Cussack. About her career she has said

“I don't put the pressure on myself to be a very successful movie star. I want to enjoy being an actor and I want to be challenged by the roles I take. What is lovely is that I'll get sent a small movie, and you know that by virtue of me being involved they get their money and that's fantastic.”

Thandie is a wonderfully gifted English rose who can and will always get better at her craft because she genuinely does it for the love and not just the money, this can only make for big things to come.

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