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It always makes me feel good when I see something that the rest of world has cast off as not relevant show that they are still here ,I say this in the case of the ever glorious group THE TEMPT

ATIONS  true they are not the original line up and in my case I only discovered them in 1982 when they teamed up with RICK JAMES to record the funky STANDING ON THE TOP single( RICK WAS MELVIN  FRANKLINS  NEPHEW) that for me was my introduction to this ever enduring group back then they all reformed for the reunion album .Watching  these  men perform I could straight away tell  they had soul they had funk they had talent and knew how to work  it and work it hard. The seven piece outfit consisted of Jimmy   Ruffin, Eddie Kendrick’s, Otis Williams, Melvin Franklin, and Dennis Edwards, Richard Street, and Glenn Leonard .All with incredible vocal skills  apart they were great together  magical. In 1984 DENNIS EDWARDS left the band  (he would go on to have that  major hit  song DON’T LOOK ANY FURTHER) he was replace by ALI –OLIE WOODSON   or would go on to write there smash hit single of which I still enjoy  TREAT HER LIKE A LADY a song that seems to be at odds with most of today’s thinking ,yet even then it was but they were saying something to young men around the world .As I said my full introduction to this group happened in 1982 yet I couldnt help but go back and checkout past recordings as you already know there was such a wealth of music and a legacy that they had and still do. The group was formed in1960 so I guess I had 22 years of catching up to do, hits like MY GIRL, AINT TO PROUD TO BEG ,I CANT GET NEXT TO YOU and the masterful PAPA WAS A ROLLIN STONE (SHIVERS GO DOWN MY SPINE JUST TYPING THAT TITLE) I must say at this  moment that song is playing and when it’s finished, I will just play the instrumental version of which is equally brilliant. It shocks me from time to time just how fast time has gone its been 28 years since listening to STANDING ON THE TOP and hearing RICK JAMES say TEMPTATION SING.  Although  the lineup has changed indeed it had gone through some changes back then and  also different sounds  yet always remaining true to the spirit of the group and so



ul music. Only this week did I get the news that ALI- OLLIE WOODSON had passed away sadly .Yet at the same time a new TEMPTATIONS album arrived on my door step sure I could download it but I wanted the excitement of having another TEMPTATIONS album in my hands still, dare I say this and sound old, but holding a vinyl copy sure used to feel good you felt you got your monies worth .So later tonight when i upload this album to my iPod STILL HERE the title of their new album  will be played and enjoyed by myself  as I hold down another night shift .In 2004 ROLLING STONE magazine ranked THE TEMPTATIONS at  67th of their 100 greatest artist of all time .Sure the path of the TEMPTATIONS was never smooth but putting this to one side the music was always good. Groups like BOYZ II MEN TAKE 6 and others have all taken some inspiration from the legacy that belongs to the TEMPTATIONS. Hey this could be a great biopic.. TEMPTATIONS SIIIIING!!!






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