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 Over the years there have been many of bands that ive liked THE TEMPTAIONS, THE FOUR TOPS, THE SPINNERS, THE DRAMATICS, RAY, GOODMAN & BROWN THE PLATTERS THE OJAYS and the group that got me looking back at all these groups and more THE WHISPERS its possible when we think of this group, we may overlook their contribution a tad bit unlike many of the others there success came in the late 70,s through to the 80,s and 90,s although they actually started out in 1962  and had  recorded with various labels up until then signing to DORE RECORDS .SOULCLOCK LABEL and then JANUS RECORDS in 1975 they would go on to  sign with  THE SOUL TRAIN LABEL owned by their manager DICK GRIFFY (which would later change to SOLAR RECORDS)up until then the group had been building up a big following through their various releases on the previous mentioned labels. It would be in 1979 that the massive hit AND THE BEAT GOES on would storm up the charts and this dude got his first listen to the group, yet it would be in 1981 with release of their follow up album IMAGINATION and the hits that followed that I became a big admirer of their sound largely down also to the LEON SYLVERS production and base playing that lent itself to what the guys were doing. For me the title track IMAGINATION, I CAN MAKE IT BETTER and THE CONTINENTAL SHUFFLE are all killer songs here. The group would follow up this album with their next outing on the label called THIS KIND OF LOVING in the same year closely followed by the album LOVE IS WHERE YOU FIND IT which contained my killer song the ever positive IN THE RAW and like their past hits it contained a positive message a dam good baseline also great harmonies and that little bit of rapping which was still rare to hear on soul r&b song. In 1983 THE WHISPERS released their new album, LOVE FOR LOVE and again they produced the goods KEEP ON LOVIN ME AND TONIGHT of which were both a departure fro

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m the earlier sound yet absolute stompers for the dance floor and I loved it. The ELECTRO sound  was new and THE WHISPERS  would adopt there sound to fit this change in 1984 they would release another album SO GOOD  this would bring them into contact with another future label star KENNETH  BABYFACE  EDMUNDS  who would  pen and produce the song ROCK STEADY  it gave BABYFACE & L.A RIED their first chart success  which would be the first of many .In 1987 they would release an album that best sum up the group JUST GETS BETTER WITH TIME it again contained some killer songs and it’s hard to pick out one GIVE IT TO ME ,SPECIAL FX and NO PAIN NO GAIN are just a few to pick from. By this time SOLAR RECORDS and its owner DICK GRIFFEY had started to go through some changes that would   later see SOLAR RECORDS disappear all together. The group would release two more albums towards the end of the 80,s MOR E OF THE NIGHT and TOAST TO THE LADIES .In 1992 MARCUS HTSON left the group and the twins SCOTTY SCOT &WALTER SCOTT would release their own album entitled MY BROTHERS KEEPER in 1993 working with the likes of KENI BURKE and the group PORTRAIT at this point they were signed to CAPITAL RECORDS on which they recorded the wonderful song HEAVEN  the album was in keeping with what they did as members of the whispers ,and I can still remember blasting those songs out load as we would travelled to see our friends in Haverhill Cambridge. Sadly MARCUS HUTSON passed away in 2000 and  


was never replaced SCOTTY& WALTER SCOTT plus NICHOLAS CALDWELL and LEAVEIL DEGREE who had replaced GORDON HARMAN an earlier member in the earl 70,s soldiered on. They have continued to release music through their own label BLACK TIE RECORDS .You could not have gone through the 70,s and 80,s especially and not noticed the soulful influence of the whispers, whenever I am out and about and one of their songs come like AND THE BEAT GOES ON the reaction of the young and old is the same they rock the to groove that only THE WHISPERS can do with the distinctive vocals and great baselines and melody that is THE WHISPERS so to the group I say thank you. When I needed to feel good and positive about myself music such as this does it everytime










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