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If you love jazz mixed with soul and rnb music then Timotha Lanae is the artist you definitely want to get into right now she is an undiscovered treasure waiting for the world to find. She epitomises a direction in soul music where other acts should be striving to reach, yet even if they did I doubt they could hit the level Timotha Lanae Has she was recently over here in the UK and I for one was left thinking have I just missed something why had I not heard of this soul goddess before .Certainly I was left with a chill running down my spine after hearing this diva sing. One of the songs that had caught my eye  and believe you me all of them did was the song TALKING TO MYSELF a personal favourite tune Timotha  appears attune to a side of human emotion  that we seldom hear people admitting to or singing of these days ( yes I know I sound old ) such as talking to oneself. That said I rushed home to download as much material I could find on this lady of jazz soul and rnb. Indeed she well appears to have her vibe grounded in a jazz mode but has developed it in to something that makes you feel real good when you hear it. Lanae has always had a passion for music, education and youth, she received her Bachelor of Science from the University of MN in Foundations of Education. She then fused her passion for education, youth and the arts, into her organization, MN Artists for Youth Arts (MAYA). MAYA’s goal is to help keep youth arts programs alive. Last year, MAYA raised over $5,000 for Twin Cities youth arts programs through their kick off project Ladies of Jazz. I was surprised to find there was quite a bit of material from this lady who by the way is an actress as well as singer, of which comes as no surprise when you watch any of her music videos that comes across real well. Check out her latest album RED it features some  well served  up  soul music  that  really lifts you on a positive note songs like GETTING TO KNOW YOU  and  PEOPLE PLEASER  again these two songs are what I call KILLER !!! Tunes play at your own risk .There is a certain clarity that hits you and here music  does draw from the best of jazz and soul roots  in a  very educative way  she appears to do this effortlessly as you will see on the new album .RED is released through Savannah Street Music available in all the usual places. The album features the likes of Stokely Williams of Mint condition and that in itself says a lot about this ladies pedigree. I now consider myself a long life admirer of her music .Remember the album is called RED.






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