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Very few if any have a unique vocal styling these days It appears at times the hard mentality takes over and everyone can at times sound the same. Yet TONI BRAXTON will always be TONI BRAXTON bless with a fine et of vocals she blasted on to the scene in the early 90,s with song alike BREATH AGAIN and I DONT WANT TO then followed it up with UNBREAK MY HEART she  corner the market in sweet soul and high octane groove s yet by the end of the 90,s things turned sour for the beautiful lady. Lawsuits and illness have dogged her career, but  you cant keep good talent down . She was born  October 7, 1967 her father was a clergyman and you’ve guess it she homed her skills in the church but it would be whilst singing to herself at a gas station where she would be discovered .Along with her sisters she was signed to ARISTA RECORDS and the girls release their first single in 1990.This would bring her to the attention of one ANTONIO REID and KENNETH BABYFACE EDMUNDS who had set up LaFACE RECORDS to which she would sign. She sung on the demo of LOVE SHOULD HAVE BROUGHT YOU HOME a song they had written for ANITA BAKER who suggested that TONI record the song as she was pregnant at the time. In 1993 TONI BRAXTON would release her first album entitled TONI BRAXTON. The album would prove to be a huge hit on both sides of the Atlantic with songs like BREATH AGAIN, SEVEN WHOLE DAYS, and YOU MEAN THE WORLD TO ME.It seemed like over night she was a sensation yet she had worked hard at her craft and the Grammy award she received for her work was well deserved. TONI BRAXTON had arrived she would follow up the first album with album entitled SECRETS this album sounded like the first with some variations that contained as she put it a little of everything. With the first song YOUR MAKING ME HIGH ,TONI BRAXTON signaled she was here to stay UN BREAK MY HEART  would prove to be the smash hit that would send her career ever upwards released  as a Ballard song  then remixed as a dance version in doing so both did equally  well. Then in 1996 TONI BRAXTON sought release from her contract and sued LaFACE RECORDS, this would lead to her filing for bankruptcy. It would not weaken her but taught her a huge lesson that he was not personal but just business .This said her next releases would not prove as successful as the first two, HEAT and MORE THAN A WOMEN. She would leave ARISTA and sign for BLACKGROUND RECORDS her manager’s label and in 2003 LIBRA was released containing some excellent material. Yet it was not well promoted and although there was a change in label the hits just did not come. After a dispute with her manager BARRY HANKERSON she was released from her contract and in 2008 she signed with ATLANTIC RECORDS a new album is on the way ,from it  the  single MELT was leaked to the media. TONI  is married to KERI LEWIS  a member  of MINT CONDITION ,recently she could  be seen on DANCING WITH THE STARS .She has shown over and over what a great artist she is sadly this does not insulate you from being ripped off, yet I have strong  feeling this won’t keep this talented women  down.The new album will be called PULSE.


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