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I have been listening to TRACY CRUZ for about a week and half just tuning every thing out and just listening to her new album UNIVERSAL SYMPHONY. It seems a long wait for this album a follow up to her last outing 2008 Feel'osophy of which was a master piece in my humble opinion. Can this new set match that? I ask , my simple answer is yes!!!. TRACY and ALLEN ROSS (husband) have not just improved lyrically and for Tracy believe you me she is already at the top what she does lyrically but vocally and definitely musically both have managed to take everything up a couple of notches and deliver a UNIVERSAL MASTERPIECE that allows you the listener to go as it were to another plane to chill relax, groove, and contemplate all at the same time .I guess that’s why it took a while to write this review. Every song delivered here is in another class to many of the songs I have listened to recently there appears to be so much more going on structurally within the songs more melody more variation lyrically and vocally, that kept me interested all the way through. Do I have a killer song on the set? Sadly no because the songs are all so evenly matched that every song has to be given a KILLER SONG sticker, when a song finishes either I press replay or my son does or my wife asking can I hear that one again. Believe me when this happens you know you are on to something. So from the opening prelude SOUNDATION ,what TRACY and ALLEN do, is to deliver to those who have been waiting, a musical treat ,that I can happily say this album was so worth the wait and will truly make my TOP 5 in this year countdown. If this is the first time you have had the opportunity to listen to TRACY CRUZ just hit the play button and be blown away. Songs like HAPPY ,LOVES GALAXY ( the new single) MIND TRAVEL ,ELECTRICITY and RISE ABOVE all songs liked by the rest of my family you may choose but me all of the album sets a benchmark. Its worth mentioning the positive vibe that flows through this entire set .TRACY has such a raw untainted vocal range and in this there is so much emotion driving many of the songs they have carefully constructed. I would love to see this lady live as i think we would be in for great night .Like LEDISI and LEELA JAMES she can belt out a song(ok well maybe not as good) but what TRACY CRUZ has that the latter my fall only slightly back on, and I don’t mean this to be taken disrespectfully of them but TRACY knows how to craft a song and ALLEN ROSS is so much a part of that process that there is no doubt in my mind what makes this set so outstanding ,so colourful and uplifting not mention your don’t stop tapping your feet. There is something UNIVERSAL indeed for everyone checking out this set. A plus mark in every sense of the word. If you are a writer of music then you could learn a thing or two from TRACY CRUZ and ALLEN ROSS.

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