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A few days ago I stumble across a very talented artist by the name of Veronica Domingues   please don’t forget this young ladies name because I have a sneaky feeling that it will around for some time. Her new album is entitled JUST CHILL and believe you me that just what I did after listening straight away I put this on my IPod and Blackberry phone ,Veronica  has a very strong tone and expressive  vocal range which makes her so soothing yet powerful to listen to. This my opinion makes her unique not to mention the music in parts the 80`s and 90`s beats come flooding back but can never quite place it. After a while you don’t care the vibe is hitting you, and I for one felt content to allow the music to dictate itself and Veronica to simply blow me away .Now here comes the part where I like to choose an outstanding song (that killer tune) and boy it was hard to do (but I like it though) for me it has to be KEEP ON Ft. BUBBA   as that song itself reminds me of that crusaders song of the same name that I still love to play and yet Veronica  takes it and simple makes it her own washing away all trace’s to the original for me that’s real original talent JUST CHILL is another massive highlight on the set. Can I just production wise is of the highest quality without being too sharp. Lyrically and vocally I love the way she structures a word or sentence, simply puts you in another place.(FROM HER FB



PAGE) Growing up in the west side of Toronto, Veronica Domingues always had a passion for music. At the age of 4 she was already singing to her family, but as she grew older, so too would her interest in music. While attending high school she was a member of the choir for 3 years. She performed in shows at her school, but really wanted to accomplish more than what she was already doing. After high school she started college and had to put a hold on her music. It was then that she realized she didn’t feel right without music being a part of her life. In 2009 she began to volunteer at the Christie Ossington Neighbourhood Centre. Here, she offered her time and services helping with the LOFT; a youth related organization helping kids from the community. The LOFT is also an arts based program that provides a safe environment for those without the resources to create their own music. Veronica has been volunteering there ever since, always wanting to help others but also partaking in the musical experience herself.


In November 2009, her Mother discovered a singing competition called The Amateur Singing Contest with John Santos. It not only allows you to do what you love most, but also allows you to sing in any language you would like. She wasn’t sure how far she would make it knowing there were so many amazing voices. She entered with two songs, both different languages. During the competition she sang ‘Poeira’ by Ivete Sangalo and ‘If I Ain’t Got You’ by Alicia Keys. The contest finished in April 2010, and her performances landed her in first place. She felt that she worked very hard to earn her prize and put a lot of work and dedication into her singing. She won the chance to work with producer Hernani Raposo. She is now recording her first album in Portuguese. No release date has been finalized.

During the year of 2011 Veronica decided it was time to start working on her own independent project. She decided to team up with Producer/Emcee Junia-T of Smash Brovaz and Director/Filmmaker Customatic. Currently recording her first EP entitled “Just Chill”, she is hoping to showcase a different soulful vibe to the rest of Toronto. She hopes that “Just Chill” will get people to really relax and enjoy the vibes around them. She believes there is nothing better than taking that alone time for yourself. “Just Chill” is set to release in the Spring of 2013.













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