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The entertainment industry  has a way of throwing some strange curve balls over the years, like  when WHITNEY HOUSTON met and then married BOBBY BROWN well to my friends and I it was like watching the next MIKE TYSON fight, how long was this going to last .She was the queen of everything, she had kind of taken up the Diana Ross mantle with a touch of ARETHA FRANKLIN and the world was loving her very much .All my friends were gutted as  they had hoped so much to make her there’s hmmmmm like that was going to happen   .Well that tale is over and out and after what seemed a long time away from us WHITNEY HOUSTON is about to return and about time too. Her album MY LOVE IS YOUR LOVE was and still is the only one that I’ve got and I though this soul sister did a good job on that set. Born August 9th 1963 WHITNEY HOUSTON releases her debut album in 1985 called WHITENY HOUSTON and a smash hit it proved to be, working with the top producers of the day one of them being KASHIF, songs like YOU GIVE GOOD LOVE and SAVING ALL MY LOVE FOR YOU. She would follow this up with her next album simply called WHITNEY in 1987 again repeating much of the first album it was a huge hit all over the world. That year I would get to see her in flesh when I would see her in concert, impressed I was,but blown I was not and to this day I don’t know why. Every song was knocked out of the park. Yet I wasn’t convinced she could take things to where I felt Whitney deserved. Two more albums would follow I`M YOUR BABY TONIGHT 1990 and MY LOVE IS YOUR LOVE  in between these was THE BODYGUARD album  this was the movie and soundtrack  that lifted her to the next level I was beginning to believe  but it wasn’t until 1998 that I heard songs from the MY LOVE IS YOUR LOVE   and the title track that I felt WHITNEY HOUSTON had arrived .She`s been away for a while and since then as with things in the music industry  others have picked  up the mantle she had LEONA LEWIS and , MARIAH CAREY  for a starts .Can  WHITNEY HOUSTON pick up where she left off a great singing career that was  in my humble opinion starting to get real soulful


at times .She was beginning to carve out a movie career and it all ended ,there is no reason why this should not continue as long as the music is right and the film roles are good WHITNEY can do it all again . I hope that the battles she has had in recent years have strengthened her and not weekend her so that we end up with a sad repeat performance .WHITNEY HOUSTON is a fighter and a survivor she may not be as young as BEYONCE and CIARA yet recent pictures show she has more than got it, will they at the age she is. If anything MARIAH CAREY has been there and done that maybe not to the extent but she has shown it can be done. Truly I believe that had he not died MICHAEL JACKSON too would have surprised us .CLIVE DAVIES the master mind behind her from the beginning is back at the helm and will hopefully he will guide her new leash of life when her new album entitled I LOOK TO YOU is release later this year .Welcome back WHITNEY ELIZABETH HOUSTON your throne awaits .BEYONCE may be bootylicous but WHITNEY HOUSTON has way too much class again in my humble opinion. By CW all rights reserved


You may be waking up to the sad news that Whitney Houston soul pop music and super star actress has died many news columns will be filled with all the details of her passing but prefer to talk about the music and that her music will go on. True for younger acts and for those of us still struggling with any addiction take strength and not weakness from her passing ,She was a complete star the world of music lost one of its brightess ones .











 'One of the best voices I have heard in my life ever. A true superstar legendary diva.' Simon Cowell

'Heartbroken and in tears over the shocking death of my friend, the incomparable Ms. Whitney Houston. My heartfelt condolences to Whitney’s family and to all her millions of fans throughout the world. She will never be forgotten as one of the greatest voices to ever grace the earth.'
Mariah Carey

'No words! Just tears #DearWhitney'

'Wow. RIP Whitney Houston. Grew up on her. She contributed to the soundtrack of many of my 12-year old sleepover parties.'
Elizabeth Banks

'This is the saddest thing I've ever had to write in my life, R I P to one of the greatest humans that I have ever known Whitney Houston.'
Wyclef Jean

LeAnn Rimes: 'Whitney Houston was the first cd I ever bought. She had a God given gift. Hopefully, she’s singing with angels now.'
LeAnn Rimes

who was Whitney's godmother, said: 'I just can't talk about it now. It's so stunning and unbelievable.
Aretha Franklin

'I am personally devastated by the loss of somebody who meant so much to me,'

Clive Davis

'There will never be another like you

Lenny Kravitz



As predicted the VULTURES are now gathering to pick  the bones off what is left of whitney houstons life and i dont know about you but i dont want to watch or  know about any of this,as they peck and fight over the untruths they are about to spit in your faces and call it entertainment still some of you may want to watch PEAC!

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Father: John Houston born. 13-Sep-1920, d. 2-Feb-2003 heart disease)
Mother: Emily Drinkard ("Cissy Houston", singer)
Brother: Michael Houston (musician)
Brother: Gary Garland (stepbrother)
Brother: John Russell Houston III (stepbrother)
Mother: Peggy Houston (stepmother, m. John Houston)
Sister: Alana Houston (stepsister, born to John and Peggy Houston) 




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