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WIL KEY has a new album out he may be a new name to some but thisartist has worked with some of the best around and as to my knowledge release several  albums prior to this one entitled BUT A WOMEN and a little piece of soulful gem music as emerged from this ever talented singer and songwriter. Look out for the killer songs here one being BEAUTIFUL and the is just that for this man’s ears great production and WIL has vocals that are a delight to hear, his music takes its influences from when soul music and Rnb music sounded more like itself(working along with RYAN WEST who has worked the likes of BEYONCE and JOHN LEGEND) than some of the pop orientated efforts of today. True if you are younger that 20years of age you may turn your nose up at this but if you love music in general. Then I have a sneaky feeling you to

Wil Key: But a Woman

 may be tapping your feet to some of the songs here.  Another KILLER! Song and my personal favourite is the song IF YOU STAY effortlessly done and reminds me of those 80`s soulful sounds we use to love yet WIL manages to somehow infuse it with today’s sound. With today’s music focusing mainly on beats WIL KEY focuses on the melody and structuring of a well-produced well-written songs. In this he has managed to produce one of this year understated albums .He may not have the strongest of vocals but more than makes up for it in many areas. Listen to the song BUTTERFLY it’s a testimony to this talented man.There are 15 songs here and the ladies may like this perhaps more than the guys .Yet there is enough here for both to like WILKEY uses an array of sounds and feel throughout to demonstrate what a versatile artist he is one worthy of better recognition I hope BUT A WOMEN is a change for more status for the man. 








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