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 Soul diva YAHZARAH is back and in full effect with an album that I feel will cement her finally in the hearts and minds of soul music fans if she hasn’t achieved this already. Real name DANA WILLIAMS was a back up singer for ERYKAH BADU before going on to take up the name YAHZARAH and hitting the world with her first album HERE ME & second BLACKSTAR. A classically trained vocalist, YahZarah is also noted for her ability to sing in the WHISTLE TONE REGISTER. This distinct vocal style sets her apart from other divas doing there thing at present. Her influences are the likes of CHAKA KHAN, MINNIE RIPPERTON, and GEORGE CLINTON &TINA TURNER to name a few. She has emerged using the name PURPLE ST JAMES entitled THE PRELUDE this lady has a style that wont be duplicated I would say they may come off looking very stupid trying to do so my hope is that more people will start getting into her funky thing . This set kicks off with the stomping song FOUR ALARM FIRE and straight away we know this going to be good she has that parliament George Clinton Bootsy Collins funk groove nail to the ground, REAL GOOD slows things a bit with a midterm groove but its jus so funky and soulful by now my feet and head are just feelin the vibe. SHOOK is another great song with a haunting melody that different U TURN ME ON kicks things up bit so if you have lost interest she brings you back with this KILLER TRACK Ooh BABY U is my favourite track with sounds of the 70,s and Barry white groove this song I just love. The remaining songs continue to surprise COME TO ME has that funky laid back jazz tinge which is simply divine .Finishing off with NATURAL & TIRED OF WATCHING (LOVE AND SUNSHINE).This album will not disappoint at all and should be bought right away if you have a true soulful jazzy bone in your body. buy




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Its about 0303hrs and i`m holding down another shift i have what i can only descibe as my album for the year YAHZARAH  has really out done herself ,but will the public agree me   HELL YEAH ! to put it bluntley she manages  to put together  and great feel throughout songs like STARSHIP,LOVE COMESAVE THEY DAY are killer songs yet there are so many other songs that have me repeatedly hitting that  replay button.(keep this up and i will break my ipod lol) this album should be one that you get  because  when you look back 3 or 5 even 10 years from know to this year its one that you will say i remember that year for this  album THE BALLAD OF PURPLE ST JAMES  go and get it if yoiu dont like it i will buy it from you.





Click pictures for a sampler of the new album the Ballad of Purple st James


Four Alarm Fire 



Her latest project  is simple her best to date the killer song for me is STARSHIP here is a snippet of her talking about the NEW project she`s gonna  BE BIG ! Why did you decide to call your new album “The Ballad of Purple Saint James”?

Yahzarah: Well, a ballad can also be a story, and this is my story told through the eyes of my alter ego who was created to breathe life into me making music again. She was born because I had such a painful corporate relationship with the music business that hearing my own name after a while inspired writer’s block. I didn’t want to hear my name. I’d been pimped; it had been pimped so hard that just the very mention of it kept me from being able to write songs.


My last record [“Blackstar”], my label told me that people didn’t like hearing me, that my lyrics were too complicated. The worst of it was that my lack of racial ambiguity kept me from selling the records, which is just some shit I just can’t help. I’m African boo. That ain’t goin change. I’m Ghanaian. It’s all in here (touching face), and it’s nothing wrong with it.


I actually quit the music business and I started writing under Purple St. James as a pseudonym when I would sing hooks for rappers or write for other artists. Sometimes I would put on a Mary [J. Blidge] wig if I wanted to be inspired and write for Mary—just another hat to kind of get the inspiration. As I started moving away from Yahzarah and closer to Purple I started writing these really fun and truthful songs and stopped worrying about what people thought. Under Yahzarah you had Erykah [Badu] and Ndambi—these associations that’s holding me into this box, which really was never me to begin with.  








2004 found YahZarah reuniting with longtime collaborator and fellow NC Central classmate Phonte Coleman (Little Brother, The Foreign Exchange) for a series of crucial guest appearances.  With the release of The Foreign Exchange’s debut album “Connected,” YahZarah was featured on the lead single “Sincere.”  The following year she appeared on Little Brother’s “Minstrel Show” LP  (Atlantic Records), and was featured on the debut single “Lovin It.”  She later contributed two vocal performances to The Foreign Exchange’s GRAMMY-nominated “Leave It All Behind” LP in 2008.  That same year, she released an EP of new material entitled “The Prelude.”  To support the EP, she toured nationally and internationally with artists such as Chaka Khan, Musiq Soulchild, The Roots, Rahsaan Patterson, and R. Kelly.





YahZarah’s latest album “The Ballad Of Purple Saint James,” is scheduled for release in May 2010 on the Foreign Exchange Music label.


I f you havent caught the vibe of YAHZARAH  yet, get started  as a memeber of the funky and innovative  band   Foreign Exchange .THESE PEOPLE ARE BLAZING THE WAY FORWARD  and she is at the front of a new sound  people.


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