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   YAYA DACOSTA (born Camara DaCosta Johnson; November 15, 1982) is another one of those hidden talented gems that is slowly gaining momentum she has the looks that is clear to see, as she started out as a model and most surely the talent. Since apperaring in AMERICA NEXT TOP MODEL she has clearly moved on a lot since then, appearing in yes small roles but slowly building on her experience, she started acting in 2005 appearing on the hit TV show EVE .The following year she starred alongside Antonio banderas and Rob Brown in the movie TAKE THE LEAD. Not wanting to be held back she took to the stage in THE FIRST BREEZE OF SUMMER 2008-2009 it was in 2009 we got to see how the experience had enhanced her talent`s when she appeared in UGLEY BETTY as NICOLE SLATER, WHILEMINA SLATERS (Vanessa William’s daughter) to date though it was her part in the movie THE HONEY DIPPER and THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT that help to build on her reputation as a force to be reckoned with trulythis lady is a up and coming starlet. Then came her stint in TRON LEGACY a small role yet it all adds up and  spread in vogue magazine has helped. It’s very clear that the transition to big things has not been an easy one and that the work put in here has been incredibly hard and YAYA would say worth it.





where would she see herself in the future she had this to say in 2008

 It’s hard to say. Honestly, I don’t know. I’ve just been focusing on the craft. It’s really interesting, because when I see things that I’ve done, I always have self criticism, and I’m never satisfied with anything. Occasionally in class, I’ll have a cold reading of a monologue and I’m like, yeah that felt good! Generally, I’m constantly trying to make it better. I feel that I’m growing; my goal is just to be in 5 years, 5 years more mature as an actor and just have the hard work pay off. I can be prepared for any opportunities that come up. I can’t really say I’ll do this, and this. You never know what the universe has in store for you. I can definitely put it out there. I’m also a little superstitious in terms of like saying things out loud. I’ll just kind of pray on them, and keep doing my work. You’ll see if it materializes, and we’ll be talking again next year.


Look out for her in the movie A WHOLE LOT OF SOLE starring opposite BRENDAN FRASER, COLMMEANEY and DAVID O`HARA. This all looks like great things to come ,so keep an eye out for this talented lady. BY CW

see YAYA in her new movie  Whitney  a biopic of Whitney Houston the signs look good and sure her performance will be solid this should be an interesting tale and movies to see check out the trailer below. Sadly it appears to  be drowned in too much drama so that the focus becomes the dram rather than the film.






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