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 I had one of those look back moments where I just reached into my collection of vinyl records grabbed whatever is there and play .Up popped ZAPP and MORE BOUNCE TO THE OUNCE after playing it I was instantly reminded of just how pioneering and simply brilliant the Troutman brothers were especially ROGER TROUTMAN. So it was time to pick all things ZAPP related and enjoy the ride. Formed in 1978 by brothers Roger Troutman, Larry Troutman, Lester Troutman, Tony Troutman and Terry "Zapp" Troutman.It was ROGER TROUTMANS use of the TALK BOX that brought this group instant fame along with their catchy baselines and hard funky beats, that would have rappers years later sampling there craft .It seems ROGER TROUTMAN and a certain BOOTSY COLLINS had long been good friends and when COLLINS hit the big time he gave his long time friend a helping hand. In 1980 MORE BOUNCE TO THE OUNCE was rocking the American billboard charts  ZAPP had arrived others members included Gregory Jackson, Bobby Glover, Jannetta Boyce, Sherman Fleetwood, Jerome Derrickson, Eddie Barber, Michael Warren, And Paul C Saenz. It seemed this group could do no wrong they would go on further albums ZAPP2, 3, THE NEW ZAPP IVU, ZAPP VIBE and ZAPPVI Back by popular Demand. Hits included DANCEFLOOR, and my personal favorite COMPUTER LOVE on which you can hear SHIRLEY MURDOCH who was a member of the group and whose albums ROGER TROUTMAN would work on , in 1986 SHIRLEY MURDOCH  self entitled album



went gold. For me though it would be some of Rogers’s solo work I would really enjoy I WANNA BE YOUR MAN being the best of them. If you don’t have copy, hunt down the album THE MANY FACETS OF ROGER.By  late 80`s things did dry up, as these  things always do but ROGER TROUTMAN was by no means out 2PAC  along with DR DRE and ROGER TROUTMAN  came up with the monster killer song  CALIFORNIA LOVE .It was sad news indeed when on APRIL 25th 1999 ROGER TROUTMAN had been shot dead sadly by his own brother .Who would have known what further music would have been made had this not have happen .Yet still ZAPP music and that of ROGER TROUTMAN  can still be heard on many a sampled records or influenced songs. Proving that ROEGR TROUTMAN and the band had the true XFACTOR, one that lives on long after they are gone. Check out Charlie Wilson  of the GAP BANDS version of  I WANNA BE YOUR MAN on his new album . So to ROGER AND THE BAND A BIG THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC and GIVING  US MORE BOUNCE .




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