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In the mid 90`s when soul music was all things NEW JACK SWING and gangster rap became the main stay of RnB music. One group that came along and offered us all a reflection and something new to look towards was ZHANE pronounce JAH-NAY came along with their infectious grooves and smooth vocals that hark back to the JONES GIRLS and 


music that seemed familiar yet bang up to date. HEY MR DJ was released in 1993 and instantly JEAN NORRIS and RENEE NEUFVILLE became house hold names. They had met at University

(Reneé and I met at Temple University and quickly became friends. We were assigned to the same dormitory and starting hanging out. It didn’t take long to discover that we both loved music. We sang together for fun and then began winning talent shows. We even got hired to perform on campus for the Black Arts Festival. Not long after, we auditioned for a few record labels, one of which was Queen Latifah’s Flavor Unit. That’s when we recorded “Hey, Mr. DJ“ and it became our first hit record.)

and after teaming up and meeting KEY GEE of NAUGHTY BY NATURE both were taken into the studio to record the song HEY MR DJ .In 1995 the album PRONOUNCED JAH – NAY was released .The album went platinum spawning hits such as GROOVE THING, SENDING MY LOVE and my favourite VIBIN which had that George Benson LOVE X LOVE riff going through it. They would also record a cover of the EVELYN CHAMPAGNE KING hit SHAME for the movie A LOW DOWN DIRTY SHAME .I thought then that the two would be around for some time to come .Sure enough in 1997 they had returned with a bang this time the album had a more soulful jazzy edge to their sound, of which this dude was rather pleased.9 The album was called (SATURDAY NIGHT) The album again produced hits like REQUEST LINE of which my youngest daughter loves to this day and CRUSH. The thing about these two was they had talent beauty and whole lot a charisma and soul . They didn’t try to sell sex to sell records and they were not converted to this belief, they new how to get down, and when they are doing their thing not many can compete. Such was the beauty of the group ZHANE, the sad thing was as 2000 came around they would part. Yet both have still continued in the music biz. JEAN went on to release the album TESTIMONY MY LIFE. Renee Neufville also continues to release new music . I would hope that some of the female stars of the future would pause and take a look at these two soulful sisters their style and sound plus their brand was one of quality and long lasting one at that, I have a feeling many will continue to mention them in years to come .Will we remember some of today’s artist for the music or for the mess they constantly make of their own personal life’s. At some point in time I would like to see these two reunite if that is at all possible, the world could still use a brand of their funky soulful music. When my first child arrive in 1994 I took my wife to the Lake District for a little R&R and the one thing I can clearly remember ASIDE FROM MY BEAUTIFUL WIFE AND CHILD  plus the stunning views is listening to the album pronounce JAH-NAY, LADIES thank you.By CW





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click here and here for more on these two lovely ladies

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