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 Zoe Saldana (Born June 19, 1978) is a name that in Hollywood circles is gaining much momentum, I am not normally given to writing about only beautiful women just for the looks alone yet Zoe Saldana is not just a


pretty face true I believe like many talented actresses with extreme talent her face will be gracing magazines like nobody business she will be then voted sexiest women of whatever and so on and so on. This is sadly part of the cause for actors and actress not that I mind beautiful women at all when they come with the obvious talents of this lady one doesn’t .Yet in a world where we have become so consumed by the look rather than what a person he or she can do, we seem to have lost a sense of insight about things and we don’t care. Zoe Saldana I sense is a name rising up quickly and one that will be on the lips of many for years to come.She began erforming with the FACES THEATRE TROUPE an organisation which put on shows dealing with mainly teenage problems.It was here that Zoe developed the skils and the love of acting,also great pride knowing she was giving back and making a difference.  I first saw her in the movies GUESS WHO, PIRATES OF CARIBBEAN THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL then later in the underrated VANTAGE POINT and the blockbuster movie STAR TREK the reboot .Yet before this she has been building her reputation in Hollywood circles as a very credible actress. Make no mistake she is not a fluke this is a lady who has studied her craft and worked very hard at achieving her goals. She got her first acting role whilst still attending acting school. Look out for her in the James Cameron movie AVATAR released at the end of the year. Also she is set to appear alongside Paul walker .Idris Elba, Hayden Christensen, Matt Dillon in the film TAKERS of which also features CHRIS BROWN. Other films to look out for are DEATH AT A FUNERAL and THE LOSERS. All in this entire young black actress is set to whip up a storm in the months and years to come. By  cw  all right reserved   for more on ZOE SALDANA  CLICK HERE AND  HERE

Talking about better roles for women in the industry she has this to say

They're out there - people just aren't investing in them. We can sit here forever discussing it, because it has a chicken vs. the egg quality. Bottom line, producers are business people. Hollywood is a money-making machine. At the end of the day, they have to produce numbers that will help them keep their jobs and companies alive. But we as consumers have a lot more power than we think. Women need to demand better roles and get audiences to see their films. Because if a film doesn't make $150 million, producers and studios aren't going to bankroll a similar film next time. If there were more filmmakers that were female, trust me, it would be all about women. -- on the current landscape of quality roles for actresses.










check out the trailer for her next movie

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